Communication is a good remedy isn't it?

these past few months since i've been with my boyfriend have been challenging,from fighting with his baby mama to people wanting to brake us up,i've learnt that Praying & communicating with your lover is good & having 1 partner is good,to all THE GUYS please take care of your ladies & don't let them down cause there's nothing i hate like a man who is a liar.

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    1 decade ago
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    yes you are right my dear

    communication is the best medicine for all

    not only with your boyfirend

    but to the one who is ready to listen you carefully

    because after spending so many time with your loved ones

    they will start taking you for granted

    so always communicate with those who are ready to listen u and guide you properly

    and if you didnt find anyone like that then better start writing your own diary

    or taking to strangers



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