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Are Mormons closer to God than Christians because of revelations in the Book of Mormon?

I know several Mormons who believe that they have greater insight into the truth of God because of the Book of Mormon that conventional Christians do not know about. What exactly is the relationship between Mormons and Christians? Do Christians believe Mormonism is a sect of Christianity? Or what?

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  • Amy
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    We are Christians. We believe and read the Bible.

    Being around other non-Mormon Christians has taught me just how little I know.

    I do feel like I have a little more insight. But this is a fact, not an opinion. But I don't feel this way arrogantly. I feel it in a way that makes me question why many others do not look to the Book of Mormon as another witness of Christ also. We're not keeping it from other people. We're not saying that only Mormons can read and believe the Book of Mormon. I think a Christian who believed in the Nicene Creed would feel theat they too have more insight than another.

    But I promise you one thing. I have never EVER felt "better" than anyone else because I had the Book of Mormon. I never felt more righteous, or smarter. I just had a little more to work with.

  • Joseph
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    Well if the additional revelations are from God then the answer would have to be yes we are able to be closer to God. The additional revelations would very much make it possible.

    And Galatians never warns about receiving more revelation from God it only warns about "another gospel". And it certainly is not warning just about the idea of angles bringing people the gospel unless of course you want to go down the errors in the Bible road, because Revelation chapter 14 contains a prophesy about an angel bringing the "everlasting gospel".

    What exactly is the relationship between Mormons and Christians?

    Depends on who you ask. For the most part we get anong just fine. We are a branch of Christianity. There are some of the more extremist groups of Christians that try to claim that we are not Christians but who are they to tell use what we do and do not believe.

    Do Christians believe Mormonism is a sect of Christianity?

    Again it depends on who you ask. Some of the more extremist groups will try to tell you no but most will be polite about it.

  • Truth
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    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) was founded by Joseph Smith in the early 1840s. He claimed that when he was a boy (he was in his mid 30s at the time) he had a vision where the angel Moroni showed him golden plates that showed the history of the Americas from a Christian perspective. He said the angel showed him the plates and told him to wait until it was time. Then when it was time, he got the plates and translated them a word at a time from the original hieroglyphs.

    He claimed that the Native Americans were the lost tribes of Israel, who had moved to the Americas.

    Scholars do not believe these claims for a number of reasons. First of all there is not anthropological or archaeological evidence for the events in the book of Mormon. In fact, DNA seems to show that Native Americans are Mongols rather than Caucasians like the Jews. They also wonder why Jews in America were using Modified Egyptian hieroglyphs rather than Hebrew.

    Another problem that people have with the BoM is the character of Joseph Smith. He had made his living as a con man from his early teens. Some of the methods he used in his cons are the same as the methods he used in translating the plates.

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    I wouldn't say its because of the Book of Mormon, though that helps a lot. I mean when I read the book of Mormon I grew a LOT closer to the Savior, but I think I would have learned those same lessons from reading the Bible. To get close to God you should do what the prophet tells us to do, that includes reading your scriptures and following the commandments you read about in them. You should also follow what the Holy Ghost tells you to do. I'd say having a living prophet holding the correct keys to the priesthood is much better then just having the Book of Mormon and Bible. He's guiding the church TODAY. Yes the ancient prophets taught many good things and we should learn from them, but we're living in very different times right now and theres many things that aren't written in scripture and theres many things that weren't revealed the the people in ancient days.

    Mormons are Christians. We consider all Christians to be Christians and believe they teach many truthes. Some Christians consider Mormons to be Christian, others don't.

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    The Book of Mormon makes clear many important subjects that are not covered well in the Bible. Whether this is because of false translations in the Bible, or perhaps writings lost or not included, who can say, but yes, the Book of Mormon is a wonderful source of spiritual knowledge.

    Take for example the subjects of the resurrection, faith, repentance, salvation, the judgment, baptism etc. These subjects are explained very well in the Book of Mormon. Whereas in the Bible many of these subjects are unclear.

    God intended for mankind to understand these important concepts. Therefore he brought forth the Book of Mormon as another witness of Jesus Christ and to increase our knowledge and understanding.

    As far as the relationship between Christians and Mormons goes, we as Mormon's love those of other faiths. As Joseph Smith declared in the Articles of Faith that give an over view of what we believe stated:

    We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may.

    As far as what other Christians think of us...well, if they are true Christians they would love us too wouldn't they?

  • Smyth
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    Look at the relation between the Old Testament and the New. It was that the Old Testament was false, but that it was fulfilled and completed after Christ was crucified. The Mormon doctrine is that Christ's teachings were corrupted after the deaths of the apostles and were restored through Joseph Smith after he was called to be a prophet. So naturally they believe that LDS teachings contain the fulness which the Bible lacked.

    In reference to your second question, Mormons are classified by scholars as Christians because a Christian is somebody who adheres to the teachings of Christ, believing him to be the Savior of the world. But depending on what is being compared, they can be viewed in a category of their own. In Christianity there are Catholics, Anglicans, Protestants, and others. Mormons are classified as Restorationists because they claim a restoration of the truth from God himself rather than having broken away from any other church. Mormons can also be classified as Non-Trinitarian Christians because they do not adhere to the doctrine of the Trinity. But where the line is drawn is pretty vague because there are many Protestant churches that don't care one way or another if you believe in the Trinity as one or as three separate beings.

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    This answer is both a yes and no. Yes because we do have more revelation about and from Jesus Christ and the better you know christ the closer you are to God. No because that also depends on the person and how they use that revelation. Not all Mormons are any where near as good as some other christians I know. As far as do other christians believe we are also christians I guess that also depends on the christian as well. But I hope most do. The biggest argument against us being christian is we do not believe in the same Jesus Christ as they do however to me all I know of is one Jesus Christ who died for our sins so to me we are all christians with a different belief in some of the doctrine.

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    First of all mormons, who are members of the Church of Jesus CHrist of Latter Day Saints aren't necessarily any closer to God because of their church membership. There are plenty who know, love, serve, obey and follow the Lord and Do have His spirit attending them in their lives very closely and personally. BUT God is no respecter of persons. He knows & loves all His children and ALL who seek to do those same things in their lives regardless of which CHURCH they belong to. LDS members DO NOT claim to have any different direct BEE-LINE to heaven or God than anyone else does.

    We do however, claim to have the restored full gospel of Jesus Christ which does bring about added truths, understanding and spiritual insight, wisdom and knowledge that some do not have. The Book of Mormon stands as a second witness of Jesus Christ and adds more light, truth and knowledge to those already in the Bible.

    Most of mainstream Christianity has yet to recognize, appreciate and love and include Mormons in their little sect of Christianity unfortunately. Rather "Unchristian" of them I must say..... BUT that attitude doesn't CHANGE the fact that they ARE CHRISTIANS, nonetheless..

  • Anonymous
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    As was said above, the members of every religion feel they are closer to God because of their beliefs that is why they follow their particular faith, and Mormons should be closer to God because of the prophecy in the B of M, but sadly, some are and some are not; because we live on Earth not in paradisaical glory.

    Are Mormons Christian? Well, if being Christian is believing that for your sins Christ died,as LDS do, then Mormons are Christian. For those of you who wish to differ, the words "Judge not, lest ye be judged" leap to mind.

    Source(s): I know that My Redeemer lives LDS in this world and the next
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    That's a tough question.

    Personally, I sorta think that you get closer to Christ as you try to be like Him. If that's the case, I'm sure there are lots of people who are closer to Christ (or at least more "Christ-like) then many Mormons.

    On the other hand, The Book of Mormon is a great tool in helping us draw nearer to Christ, because it teaches us so much about Him. So I believe that anybody who reads it, and applies what it teaches, will draw much closer to Christ as well.

    The Book of Mormon certainly helps in that regard. It is a powerful agent in drawing men to Christ.

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