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How can i turn my old 12" sub into a home theater speaker?

I have an old 12" Sony Xplod in a sealed enclosure lying around, and I was wondering what it would take to make it a loud music pumping machine that could play music from my mp3 player or computer.

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    that depends was it subway or quiznos

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    you CAN ...but it probably is not worth the hassle....actually it definitely is not worth the hassle :)

    consider the mp3 player or laptop the "source" you have to send the source to an amp and then the amp sends it to the speakers....thats the cut and dry of it....

    but if it is a car audio sub then you are STRONGLY advised not to hook it to a home audio amp. you risk damaging the amp. You have to have an amp that is compatible with 4 ohm speakers. and here we go again you CAN run a car stereo amp from home. but its alot of wires and hacked up electrical gobbledegook in any setup ive seen.....more hassle...:)

    as well thats just the sub. so its not going to play any high frequencies... so its really only the equivalent to one driver.

    you could put it in place of a home theatre sub but you still have to find a way to power the speaker....yucky yucky hassle!!!!!

    A for effort. :)

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    like all different execs of their solutions, stay a manner from Bose, particular i try this for a residing too. i'm no longer likely to specify a brad cuz i do no longer understand your funds. So without a funds my suggestion is to spend the same volume on audio equipment which you spent on your DVD, CD, and Receiver mixed. So in case you have a $two hundred DVD + $a hundred CD + $seven hundred receiver then spend $1000 on the audio equipment or greater in case you have the money. audio equipment make the main important difference! additionally for song and movies, if your funds facilitates, get something with greater front audio equipment that could characterize bass. Subs are high-quality if that's the equipment you have adequate money, besides the undeniable fact that bass is in many situations non-directional, even i will tell the place a 30Hz tone is coming from so frontal bass is greater relaxing. And by ability of all ability in case you have adequate money greater front and a sub then do the two. Listening tip, people tend to purchase overly mind-blowing or bass sounding audio equipment (Bose) because of the fact side by ability of side to a "soft" pair they seem to sound greater advantageous. that's till you get fatigued from listening to them. So think of once you're listening "wow that treble is crisp and loud, sounds stable"...... think of roughly it, is it over the proper, is that going to malicious program me whilst i'm watching a movie? desire this facilitates

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    You cant. Subs are only made to carry low frequency sounds. If you try to connect a sub to a regular speaker you msy blow the sub.

    Source(s): I install home theaters. Never heard of anyone thinking they can do this...never.
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