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why is my female (fixed) chihuahua so moody?

1 yr old girl chihuahua, she has these weird mood swings once every few weeks. She just sleeps and wants to be away from all of us in the house. She goes and sleeps in a different room. when she's ok, she can't stand being away from us.

I walk her as much as I can, which is twice to three times a week, she has a brother to be with, so I can't see what the problem could be...

She is fixed, so hormones shouldn't be a problem..I guess?

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    How much is she avoiding you? When dogs sleep a lot and want to be left alone, they are usually sick or depressed. Is she eating when she acts like this? Does she refuse treats or get upset when touched? Did something change at home to make her sad?

    If you don't want to take her to a vet just yet due to lack of funds, try to find out if she really is ill first by doing an in home wellness exam. Look up how to take her temperature to make sure she doesn't have an infection, dogs average at 102F. Check her poop to make sure she doesn't have worms or diarrhea, and gently press her belly to make sure it isn't swollen or painful. Look up how to tell if she's overweight to make sure that's not a problem. Check her ears for a nasty smell or brown gunk, and her teeth to make sure she doesn't have gum disease (brown teeth, red swollen gums.) She could also have an upset stomach from her food, treats, or getting into things she shouldn't.

    Lastly, one thing people don't know about is the anal glands. Gross as it sounds, they need to be "expressed" by either your vet or groomer from time to time. A build up of fluid can make your dog feel very ill or depressed. Signs of this are scooting her but across the floor, or a fishy smell from her rear, or just a red/swollen tushy. Hope she is ok!

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    Well, female chi's are moody anyway. However, my female (now passed) was diagnosed diabetic and she had a thyroid condition. The vet said that either one of these could make her moody. Both made her unbearable at times. Once she was on insulin and thyroid midication, she was sweet as can be.

    Time to go to the vet maybe.

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    She clearly needs more attention.

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