Can I begin reading the third book in the Southern Vampire mysteries if I have been watching True Blood?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes you can, but as im sure you have been told. the books are different then the show(i enjoy both) here are some quick points to know about how the book and show are different so your not left wondering where certain characters are. The whole thing with Hoyte & vampire Jessica is 100% show. they have nothing to do with the book. Jason Stackhouse plays a MUCH bigger roll in the show then the book, same goes for Tara, and Layfyett. The whole Eric, Sookie, Bill Triangle isn't really there(Sookie never drank Eric's blood like in the show) That's about it, so now you wont be left wondering about certain aspects wile reading the book. Enjoy the book. Its great to read the books first. When the next season comes its always cool to see the different trails they take the show while still sticking to the main content.

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