How do you eat an animal without draining it's blood? or How do you drain blood from a piece of meat?

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I was only asking this because of what the Bible says...not to be gross.

Thanks. :)

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    Usually most of the blood is lost in the slaughtering process, a minute amount remains in the meat.

    In kosher and halal butchery the neck is slit and the heart pumps all the blood out.

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    1 decade ago

    u don't drain the blood from pieces of meat. u hang up the animal and cut the throat and let the blood drain out.

    if u wanna eat an animal without drainin the blood u can.

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    The question approximately eating meat and blood is incredibly common. it incredibly is in basic terms a count of exhibiting admire for blood by ability of letting this flow out of the animal having been killed, as much as of course flows. If once then you definately consume meats consisting of heart, I sparkling the cavities of blood nuggets final, and liver meat, I common in basic terms wash the surplus blood off the cuts of meat. whether, observe that God did no longer let us know to no longer consume any blood final in meat. that's impossible to do. for this reason he needed us to instruct admire by ability of following the custom of bleeding the newly killed animal and by ability of no longer amassing the blood as a manner to consume blood pie, etc. In some international places, one has to observe that it is the interior of sight custom to boil meat and globs of blood at the same time. those globs of blood whilst boiled come to look like meat, yet isn't. This could desire to be prevented, although the beef interior the pot could be eaten. From the above, it is likewise obtrusive that once you have finished what you may to obey this edict, you could consume e.g. steak meat at Tartar in case you like. the undeniable fact which you will see a sprint blood there is no longer a challenge whilst the animal has been drained whilst killed. it incredibly is calling on the emblem and exhibiting admire for God's suitable that counts.

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    why do you want to eat its coagulating blood?

    whats so wonderful about blood?

    hang it by its feet, slit its throat, wait for the animal to bleed out.

    if its a chicken, insert a metal pokey thing and insert through mouth, into jugular. let it bleed out.

    if you dont want to drain blood, try salmon. you can literally eat it raw after smacking it in the head and killing it.

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    The Jews boiled it.

  • 1 decade ago

    You can read your own question over and over again until you realize vegetarians arent so weird.

    YOU ARE!

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    I suggest you ask a butcher such questions.

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    1 decade ago

    don't worry about it. Christ declared the kosher laws irrelevant.

  • 1 decade ago

    you might get caught!!!

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