just shot the hk usp 9mm and loved it. a little bothered by the grip stippling though. anyway around that?

furthermore, I like the P30's but would only buy one with an external safety like the usp. anyone heard anything about hk ever putting a safety on the P30????

Heard you can get rubber grips for the usp and also heard that it slips.... Not cool

Also heard there is grip tape which i am not sure how it works.

and finally heard that a gun smith can file it down. i just dont feel comfortable paying the money for the hk and then paying someone to do that....

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    Get a slip on grip from Hogue or Pachmyar. I have had a Hogue Handall on my USP .45 Tactical for 11 years and 8,000+ rounds now and have never had it slip out of place. If you still think slippage would be a problem Hogue also makes an adhesive kit to really stick the grip on there.

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    I actually use skateboard grip tape on my guns, generally on the front and backstrap, but in some cases across the grip area. As mentioned it is cheap and easy to do, and easily reversable if you don't like it - just peel it off and then use some gun cleaner to remove any residual adhesive.

    There are custom shops that can change the grip stucture - in fact I think Bruce Gray and Grayguns.com can - but the nice thing about using the grip tape is you can try it and see what you like in something rougher or smoother before making a permanent mod.


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    I suggest a Houge Rubber grip. Best recomendation, and it don't look tacky like grip tape (no offense to anyone who uses grip tape on their guns.)

    The grip gives you a sure grip, and actually from what people say reduces some felt recoil. Also Houge grips are supposed to stay on tight so no slippage.

    Source(s): me gun owner.
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    Some people use tape designed for tread on skateboards as a grip device. Inexpensive and removable.

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    I have a USP .45 SOCOM. The stippling bothered me too until I sent mine out and had it fixed.

    I sent mine up to PISCO and they changed the stippling from the cheese grater, to something a little smoother. For the life of me I cannot remember who they sent it to, but the stippling was changed to what looks like little half-circles on the front strap and back strap.

    I think it ran me about 100.00 plus shipping to have it done.

    Good Luck!

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    You will get used to it when it wears a little.....Nice gun. Yeah there is grip tape but,I don't like tape on a nice piece.

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