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What should I do after Latham raped my life to death?

I did corporate law. Mostly in mergers. I was a high-level lawyer; not some criminal defense guy. I dealt with the technical details of the contracts involved with merging multinational companies.


I graduated from law school in 2008 and became an attorney with the law firm of Latham and Watkins LLP. I have about $140,000 in public and private loans from law school and college (I already paid off $20,000 from the original sum).

Well, earlier this year, Latham held a round of mass layoffs, and I got canned.

I haven't been able to find a job since then in corporate law. I'm scheduled to retake the bar exam in a different state in February and I have no motivation to study. I'm really aimless right now. I'm unemployed and have no idea what to do. Latham raped my life to death.

What should I do now? I was pulling down over $13,000 per month in salary when I was working for Latham. How could I possibly find a job that's going to replace that in this economy?

Why did Latham do me like this? Why did Latham rape my life to death?

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    What did you do with the 13k a month? Who miss treat who? I use to pull 2k a week, was a gravy job in charge of a lot of work. I got tired of the money, donated alot to people who needed it, and were not getting it so easy, quit my job and work for my self now. Now I make more than enough to survive and put away and my life is in much better ballance. Leave the money to the greedy and let them rape eachouther if thats what you want to call it. How many times can you say Rape in a question? Oh and as always ovious, the bigger fall harder. Look at california, and look at new mexico. California has a long way to come back. New mexico normal the second highest in poverty is now doing much better than the big money driven state of California.

    Oh and just another clue to help you answer your own question,

    "I was pulling down over $13,000 per month in salary when I was working for Latham. How could I possibly find a job that's going to replace that in this economy?"

    Dont replace it, see what happened befor. Live a healthy ballanced life. Dont expect anyone, any company, anything to carry you, support you, make you rich, or help you in any way. Help yourself, make wise choices, and forget about money. If you need that type money to maintain your life style, pay your morgage, fancy car payment ect.. Sell the house, sell the car change your life style, live in balance. When its concentrated its pure evil.

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    Things will pick up, don't worry. You might take another position that doesn't pay as well, but when things pick back up you can just do another transition again later. Just focus on the short term, don't worry about your debt right now, and just try to get a good paying job. You're well educated, and in a high earning field, so dust yourself off, get your act together, and get out there - a job will come sooner or later.

    And another thing to remember is that no matter where you work, no matter how good or bad the economy, you're always at risk of getting laid off for no reason, so always keep some savings and keep your resume ready, crazy things can happen anytime.

    And look at it this way as well, you paid off 20k in debt in about a year? That's really good, and so when you get a job paying that scale again you'll be able to get ahead in a short period of time.

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    your only a victim if you let yourself be one. Stop feeling bad about it and use you computer to find another firm. There are law offices that would hire you if you have the skill,and confidence in yourself. yes you got screwed, yes it sucks, but it's done and over with. you can move on and start over or do what lawyers do best and find a loop hole and sue there ***!!!

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    Seriously. you can get deferments, forebearences, or a very low payment. I used to do student loan consolidations, and EVERY PERSON benefited from it.

    Sorry to hear about your job. I got laid off from a pet store. Not exactly the same, but yeah.

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    Were you a snake that did frivolous lawsuits? If so, go flip burgers.

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    You should stop your bloody whingeing and get on with your studies

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    Rape isn't funny.

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    i agree with the first comment you are ******

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    kill urself NAO

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