how effective do you think would be spermicide and pulling out method?

Ok, so I'm monogamous, and I know my partner and I don't have STDs and no chance of getting any. So. How effective would the use of spermicide and pulling out be? I know I SHOULD use a condom, but honestly, we've had so many issues to this day that I've had to take plan B twice now because a condom has failed, and we're constantly having to stop and make sure it's still on. I've tried birth control before, and it messed with my hormones a lot and I really just don't want to be taking a hormonal birth control method.

Also, if you know of any spermicides that are better than others, please share the wisdom!!


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    My husband and I are managomous as well and I am alergic to latex and hate condoms to begin with. So, we decided on the pull out method, I was pregnant 6 months later. So, I wouldnt suggest that. I have been using the nuva ring and I love it. I have used the spermicide and it worked but It irritates me. Other that that it is easy to use and very effective according to my doctor. Goodluck

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    I wouldn't trust either of those methods. Adding the condom back into your routine would help the odds greatly, though.

    The reason I don't trust the 'pulling out' method is because sometimes it just doesn't happen. Sometimes the man can't help himself, or he's late pulling out. As for the spermicide....

    "Studies have shown that when spermicides are used alone, pregnancy usually occurs in 21 of each 100 women during the first year of spermicide use. The number of pregnancies is reduced when spermicides are used with another method, especially the condom."

    - Mayo Clinic

    If the sperm is already inside your vagina, it's GONE. As in, zoom, there is no stopping all of them. Those little guys are damn fast. The spermicide may kill some, but I can guarantee it won't reach all of them. Add that condom back in there - better safe than sorry.

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    Well if it's a no to condoms and a no to birth control then it looks like it doesn't matter how good this option is because your making it your only option. I think you should just use condoms and spermicide.. that works just fine.. if the condom slips off (which is very rare unless he is wearing the wrong size condom) the spermicide will kill any sperm that got out of the condom. Why not try using the woman condom? It is supposed to be Very effective

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    get fitted for a diaphram, and use a good spemacide

    then the man CAN use a condom but your proteced more if it does come off or broke..

    and the man can STILL pull out

    that would be IMO, you best chance of NOT getting PG

    Fitted Diaphram, spemicide, spemicide condom, AND pull out

    just putting spemicde IN you will help but its a lower chance of working then if its IN a condom or IN a diaphram


    i know how theose BC issues are...

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    Using both methods does decrease your chances of getting pregnant as opposed to using one or the other, but at the end of the day, it wouldn't surprise me at all if you ended up getting pregnant anyway, because the chances are there, since neither method has a 100% successful rate of preventing pregnancy.

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    i dont understand the question...

    im assuming this is an "opposite relationship" are you the man or woman?

    you said YOU should use condoms yet YOUVE had to take plan B...isnt that for the girl to take?

    if you truly wish to be safe I would go ahead and have you or your partner get his or her tubes tide if none of the other methods work

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    there's no 100% guaranteed spermicide, so you're better off just really doing your best with the condom

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    if bc messed with your hormones you won't believe what pregnancy will do to you lol keep using condoms.. .I'm a good example of what the pull out method causes.

    Source(s): 25 weeks preggo.. hated birth control pills too
  • condoms are not as effective as you might think and the 3000 year old pull out method i seven less effective

    do u know what they call a husband and wife that use a condom for birth control..................parents

    pulling out doesn't work

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    just cut it off man trust me it works a lot better then condoms

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