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What do you think of this quote? And what does this quote mean?

"The only this I can't stand is discomfort"

What do you think of this quote? And what does this quote mean to you?


"The only thing i can't stand is discomfort"

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    It is an Irish saying from the time they emigrated to USA nearly 2 centuries ago. An Irishman working in a saloon was asked to stack up the barrels of whiskey in the cellar. "To be sure, to be sure" that it was whiskey, he took a generous drink out of each barrel. By the time he got to the last barrel he was too drunk to turn the barrel upright to stand it next to the rest and it kept rolling away from him every time he tried to turn it. His boss looking down into the cellar from the hatch, asked Paddy why he kept rolling the barrel of Southern Comfort around the cellar floor, to which Paddy replied " I done them all but the only thing I can't stand is dis Comfort".

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    It's a play on words. It says the person only cannot stand anything that makes the person uncomfortable. Everything else is acceptable to that person.

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