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What should I do about the dog?

I am a single mom of 3 kids who are no longer kids, they are 20, 18, and 15 years old.

after working so hard for years I bought a cute house for us. its was the perfect cute little home.

not long after we moved in, my 20 years old daughter who was 18 at the time, brought a dog home, knowing my rules about NO NO NO pets . she broke the rules and brought the dog home anyways. she kept the dog over my well. i felt like i had no other choice. she promised to be responsible and to take full care of the dog.

she did the complete opposit. she had no responsibility toward that dog. the dog was completely my responsibility put in mind that I work full time, and the 3 kids dint help at all with any house chors. yes yes i messed up and they are spoiled.

the dog damaged my expensive beautiful off white carpet. stained it all over. the dog sheds everywhere. and she does not what so ever clean after the dog.

it put me under sooo much stress and she does not care.

we have the dog for 2.5 years now. what should i do.

I cant take this any more. she fees the dog our food, she has not discipline this dog at all. it has all the bad habits.

I have talked to her in every language in the book. she doesn't get it. I have told her in every way that if she does not take responsibility and clean after the dog, and keep it in the back yard then im gona have to give it away. nothing changed.

please advice me what to do.

we are at the point where she is not going to take responsibility or give the dog away.

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    You're the mother and it's your house. It's time for a little tough love.

    20 years old is an adult. It's time for her to leave the nest. Tell her she and the dog must make their own way in life now. She can room with friends, get a job, pay bill - - you know act like a grown up for a change since she is one.

    Stop allowing your children to walk all over you.

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    It's your house and you have the right to make the rules. If I were you, I would give her an ultimatum. Either get rid of the dog or she can go look for a new place to live with the dog. She knew full well you didn't want the dog to begin with and she broke all her promises to care for it. It's time to stop being nice and let her know that now you mean business.

    As for your carpet, the only way you will truly get the smell and stains out it to have it professionally cleaned or replaced. The remedies such as using special sprays or vinegar might dull the odors some and they won't be noticable to those who live in the house but visitors will notice them immediately. The way to really tell if the odors are gone is to have someone you know who doesn't have pets come and visit. If that person can't smell anything, then you can be fairly sure.

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    Gosh, that's rough. Sometimes yeah people will plead and beg their parents for a dog, then a year or two later lose interest in it altogether. Well if she clearly doesn't care and you've been talking about taking the dog away, then do it. Because well she's 20 (I'm 22), and she should know to take better care. So: back those threats up! Seriously, take the dog to the pound so that others may train it properly, feed it properly so it's healthy as it should be and give it all the attention a loyal companion requires :) Seriously, sounds like she hears these as empty threats, so take one up =) You can always take the dog back, but it'll cost ya, but you can before the dog can be put up for legal adoption. I don't like saying that but if she doesn't care and you're doing all the work which you shouldn't this is a team effort, take the dog back so it can be properly taken care of. She'll freak, but hey at least now she'll know you mean business. Nice rule knowing no one would care for a pet in the first place :) No really, I mean it, truly, you knew your kids wouldn't take care of it, nice :) Not that you're not doing that already :) Also for dog pee, use vinegar, takes the scent out and the stain out of the carpet :) A better pet would have been suited towards a cat, as they take themselves for walks and what not, but I'm a doggie person. Like I said I hate saying take it back because I know what it's like to lose one but you don't need this stress. You said no pets, so no pets. Give her a date: say 2-3 weeks there better be change or that's it. There's a reason you made this rule, if your kids can't follow up on their words, tough banana's :) It's what mine would say, seriously =)

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    I think that this question should be shown to everyone saying "OMG I WANT A DOG HOW DO I CONVINCE MY MOM?"

    I'm sorry that this has happened. I love animals but this isn't the right environment for your pet. Your daughter doesn't seem like she's going to change, and maybe it would be kinder to just find the dog a home where he could be happy. Do you have a friend or a family member that could provide the right care? If not, surrender the dog to a no-kill shelter, often they will rehabilitate / train the dog before he goes to a home that can be vetted and checked before he goes out.

    I think you also need to have a serious look at your daughter's behaviour - clearly she doesn't respect you at all if she just brings pets home when you don't want any. If I'd have done that if I went home my mother would have beaten my bum to the moon and back! You might want to try and encourage her to move out - she shouldn't be mooching on you as it's really not fair. Good luck and I hope you find a solution to your situation.

    Ashley - your sister sounds awesome. How independent can you get? A real example!

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    Last month on Yahoo answers there were aprox. 300 requests from kids saying some version of "I want a dog but my parents wont let me. How can I convince them". At least half were answered by people giving the kids tips on what to say.

    . I love dogs but if a parent says no then the kid should not get help trying to change the adults mind.

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    Just give your daughter an ultimatum.. give her a date, and stick to it.. either she will start to take care of the dog, she can find her own place to keep the dog at, or you are getting rid of the dog.

    Seriously, its YOUR house. You set the rules, you enforce the rules. If you cant do that, then you're in for a lot of troubles.. because your kids are just walking right over you.

  • I'd say to her, either you find you and YOUR dog a place to live or I'LL find the dog a place to live.

    When I was almost 18 I moved out of my Dad's house(he's been a single parent to my sister and I for 10 years) and lived in the city on my own for 6 months with one dog, when I met my husband, I moved back home for about 6 months, then I moved in with my DH. Now I am 22, my husband and I have lived in our house for 3 years, we have 3 cats, 3 dogs and 3 guinea pigs. :)

    My 18 year old sister still lives at home but she has two part time jobs to pay for her pets(3 dogs, 3 cats, 2 rabbits and 2 horses), her clothes, cellphone, car payments, gas, etc.

    When I see 20+ year old people still living at home and being childish it makes me laugh.

    Good luck!

    Source(s): Edit- when I was younger we always had pets(dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, rats, hamsters, birds, degus, guinea pigs, horses, ducks) and my dad payed for the food but if we wanted to get extras like toys, collars, treats, etc. we would make money doing extra housework and helping out other family members. Since I was 10, I built my own cages and houses and I took care of all the pets(feeding, cage cleaning, baths, etc).
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    Give the dog away.. If kids had an animals they learn to be responsible. How you can expect that your kids get responsible for a dog if they dont learn it??? Your kids only learn that mom do everything including the house chors... I think that is the best choise for the dog.

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    You can try getting professional dog training on you're dog. this will give you're dog more obedience and the trainer can teach you how to handle the dog and stop her from chewing and other bad habits.

    Its best to get a dog run you can keep the dog in when you're out at work. Its much safer for the dog because it cannot hurt itself by chewing on inappropriate things or soil you're carpet while you're away.

    Get yourself a crate for the dog to put it in when you're at the house but unable to keep an eye on the dog.

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    Just give the dog away so she learns her lesson. That'll get her attention.

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