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I need a way to not work while I'm in college.?

So, I moved to San Diego from Palm Springs last month. I started college last week. I lost my job today. I was thinking about not working for a while, but I don't know if student loans can pay my rent.

Is there a way for me to not work at all while going to college?

I'm really freaking out about this.

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    The only way is to get a job within the school... taking out a loan wouldn't be the best way because if you need it for later college expenses there will be a problem. Just get a very part-time job. College is very expensive and there is not an easy way around it. Not working while attending college really would be awesome but that only happens if your parents are paying for everything you need at every moment.

    Good luck!


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    When I went to college I applied for work at the financial aid office, and they set me up cleaning floors and stuff for the school.

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