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My cat stopped eating and is breathing rapidly.?

We don't live anywhere close to a 24 hour vet. I'm scared she might die tonight. She's slowly lost interest in eating but stopped altogether tonight. I have antibiotics from a cat that was just sick with a viral infection a few weeks ago. Can I give her that to start her off? Not sure what to do.I definitely will take her into the vet tomorrow but what about tonight?

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    First, check her skin for insect bites. Also, do you have any poisonous plants around (any plant that show a milky like fluid if punctured) that she may have bitten into? Has any area of your home recently been sprayed/bombed for insects? If so, then is sounds like pesticide poisoning.

    The antibiotics certainly can't hurt, since it's only going to be overnight. Also, if you have any canned food available try feeding that to her, it does have fluids in it, so she may not become dehydrated overnight. If she won't eat that, try a small amount of milk.

    My cat has asthma, and his symptoms are similar to those you described. He came into contact with "bug spray" and it weakened his lungs and brought on his asthma attacks.

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    antibiotics aren't used for viral infections, only bacterial. If one cat had a virus with similar symptoms then your cat most likely has contracted it. I don't know if anything is going to work but giving antibiotics won't hurt anything....

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    is your cat an indoor cat or outdoor?

    if its outdoor, it might have got bit by something (black widow or somthing) so check for bites and google how to treat

    or it may have eaten somthing its not suppose to, it actually sounds a lot like mygolden retriever, she stopped eating and was panting very fast then would stop and then would do it some more

    the vet said she had eaten something she wasnt suppose to like a sock or something and couldnt pass it so she was constipated

    then we found out she had a tumor and had to put her down

    Source(s): but keep in mind that was my dog and is entirely different form a cat so just keep trying goole the symtoms
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