Gender therapists-Shelly Norton and Janet Lewis-anyone had one of them as a therapist? What were they like?

So I've been considering gender therapy for a while. I found a list of therapists in my area on a transgender website I frequent, and cross-referenced it with a list of therapists my insurance covered. I got those 2 names. I want to know if anyone has had either of them as gender therapists before, and what their experience was? I have heard some horror stories about gender therapy and would like to get it right the first time. -_-'



I actually did post this on Susan's, but I didn't get any answers so I thought I'd try here.

And yes I am in oregon.

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    I know a Shelly Norton in gender therapy. Where are we talking here? Oregon or some other place?

    I want to add I've never seen her as a client, just talked with her as an aspiring professional.

    Ah. Well I liked her. We agreed on philosphies for the most part and only disagreed on minor things. I would have gone to her as a client. She seemed like she would have been the right kind of person for me. But that's for me.

    I went to seven different therapists and had to relocate twice before I found someone I liked well enough to stick with for a long time. But I was difficult, and I know not everyone has the luxury of being able to pick up and move to a different city to search.

    Try a session or two with both of them and then decide which one you like better. Since your going to be seeing them for a while find someone your comfortable with, but will help you work towards your goal. Its very difficult and stressful to switch therapists as you basically start out at square one.

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    ill talk to ya for free dont waste your money on someone like that there just gonna tell you the same ol **** about how everyone is beautiful in there own special way

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