What can represent Riku from Kingdom Hearts?

I'm drawing a picture of Sora looking out into the sea, and I want it to appear as if he's thinking about Riku. Should I draw a paopu (sp) fruit and... then something of Riku's? If so, then what? Please, help me out here!

---I'd rather not draw any weapons. Please offer up some items, or something, like his blindfold..---

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  • Sukie
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    1 decade ago
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    That's kinda hard.... Well, I'm thinking maybe (although you really don't want to draw weapons) you could maybe make a fantasy-like sky, with bright colors and what not. The Paopu Fruit could (and probably would work), but maybe you could also throw in one of those little toy swords they used to play with...

    Or maybe you could have Sora holding one of those little wooden toy swords, looking out into the sea. Or maybe holding Riku's blindfold. I think the toy sword thing would be good, kinda to show like, "I'm waiting for you here, I want it to be like it was when we were kids again, when things were good" type thing... You know what I mean?

    I would maybe think about something that has to do with darkness, but that might give the wrong impression, or it might give the pic way too much of a dark feel (and less than what you are probably going for).

    I'm sorry (this is kinda hard) but I really hope I helped! It's hard, because there isn't much that represents Riku in this game...

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