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football advice (serious players only)?

well ima a 6'4 250 pounds and run roughly a 5.00 40 yard dash. i currently play ncaa division I-AA ball at a SWAC school and would like to transfer to another school i was recruited out of high school as a defensive end but due to injuries on the offensive line was moved to left tackle and did good blocking and such. finally i was moved again to tight end. my question is do u think i have what it takes to possibly move up to D-I? im also an honor student wit a 3.3 gpa and 27 act so grades is a non issue. any advice would b greatly appreciated no matter how blunt.

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    I'm certainly no expert and I didn't play ball after the high school level. I was fast and had great hands but just wasn't blessed with the size. I mean based on what you told us you have the size. You run probably an average 40 time for a college tight end (just a guess). I'm sure you could run with most D-I teams. But I think the real question you should ask yourself is are you going to play at the D-I level? I would base my decision on how much playing time I would be seeing. You may play a lot more or even start at the division I-AA level and simply be a bench player for a D-I school. I would rather play then ride the bench. Good luck with your decision.

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    I would resonally take Rudi Johnson. I like him and Westbrook a lot, but Westy doesn't get the ball as much as he should and Rudi will carry your load. He is really consistent, and always has a good season. Gets you the points you need week in, and week out. And will average around 100yds and 1td a week, sometimes probably better. He is your best bet at gaining points each week. As for the others, Parker is also good but I like Rudi over him because he carries more of the load. SA, is getting old and after last year it is hard to take him in the top 5-7 unless you have faith. Addai looks very promising and strong, but he didn't carry the whole laod last year, and this year anything can happen since he will have the running game on his back. He might play well, or might just be ok. Bush, still not the starter and will be splitting carries with Deuce. Not a sure thing yet. Maroney also looks promising, and once again he will change his style of play, might do well, could be a good keeper. MJD, still does not have the starting job and will be splitting time. Since this league is a keeper, your options are Rudi, Maroney, Addai, and MJD based on carries and their performance IMO. MJD could be good but the other three are stronger. I would go with Rudi.

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    You have the size, need to work on the 40 time. Get it down to around 4.8 or better.

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    If thats what u want u should dont listen to anyone else

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    ego is not a dirty word

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