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george foreman grill paint scrubbed off?

so i wanted to clean my grill. to make a story short: while cleaning the grill i used one of those metal scrubbers and i scrubbed a bunch of paint off. now i dont really want to eat paint chips, so what can i do about it?

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    Please, for your health, trash it! Teflon is hazardous to your health, and it is never recommended that you add oil/butter/spray if teflon has been scratched and to keep using ... that's a no-no! Once scratched or peeling, it will continue to lose particles of teflon around the scratched surface mark.

    All I can think about now is my oldest son who just turned 18 and what he would do ... always use scrubbing and cleaning products that have been suggested by the manufacturer ;) Never metal/steel/wool, etc. on teflon. He knows better.

    Wow, that sucks, and a manufacture warranty will most likely not cover "personal" abuse (their classification)!

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    You're not supposed to use metal scrapers, it removes the teflon. George Forman grills come with those funny plastic spatulas that you are meant to use for cleaning, if you return it they will probably tell you the warranty is void due to negligent use (its worth a try though).

    That having been said, just wash off the teflon chips, it will still work, it will just have lost some of its 'non-stick properties, so you will need to use oil/butter/margerine to prevent sticking. (I know this because my husband tried to scrape our sandwitch maker with a knife and the same thing happened, but it still works fine).

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    Bummer dude. Buy a new grill.

    That was an easy clean teflon coating. Or maybe you could send it back as defective.?

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    Yeah, I surely would buy another one, because like someon else said, Teflon is not good for your system.

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