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I'm looking for people who are currently majoring as software engineers or have majored and are currently working as software engineers. Can you tell me a little about the experiences you've had as a software engineer, such as the school you attended, the pro's and con's, where you are currently working, and what you think of the career as a whole ? It would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Also, how hard was it learning all of the software codes ?

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    Currently working in this program at Oregon State University;

    It's an interesting program, and I absolutely love it.

    The teachers here in Oregon are extremely nice, and down to earth.

    The program itself uses a very extensive amount of math, my first math class was Integral Calculus, I had no idea how to do it but I got through it pretty easily with all the help they offer here.

    That was the first of 5 more math classes I have.

    A lot of different programming languages must be learned (if that wasn't obvious), we started out in Python so I'd learn that as a basic know-how for any course.

    It's a pretty well known/used programming tool, and it's free.

    As for a job, I'm doing work at a local computer company, I get paid and get school credit!

    I just have to log my hours and then I get credit for my elective.

    It's not a bad course if it's something you really want to do, pay started out at 56k and it's my first year..

    Average around here it pays 80-120k

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    After 21 years programming I am still upgrading myself.

    The goal posts are forever shifting and redundancy is normal.

    Imagine your mind shredded every morning and then you to reassemble it. Imagine passing through an ivory wall 3 feet thick and liking it.

    Unless you are prepared to spend more time behind a PC than with you friends, family and loved ones then don't bother.

    I been through the DOS evolution and have watched things come and go so fast it's unreal.

    You need to accept that you are pioneering a frontier and it is a lifetime commitment and struggle.


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