any advice for a divorce?

i really think its time.i dont have any money, he doesnt have a job now...we r completely broke.


its not because of money, he has become mean and cold hearted towards me since i told him i know hes been up to no good (im positive he has cheated a few months back) he doesnt show any affection and even tho we are both home together it seems we are miles apart. its been 19 yrs of so many ups n downs (mostly downs) and we do have 3 kids. i quit my job 2 months ago bcos we were supposed to be moving out of state.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Seek Legal Aid in your state. They will cover for you as your lawyer...but for your spouse, he will not get any aid.

  • sash
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    1 decade ago

    Are you wanting a divorce because of your financial situation? You can apply for Legal aid in some states. They hire you a lawyer either free of charge or with you just paying court cost. Do you have any children? Go and get a job. Have him get a job. Both of you keep your jobs and you may can save the marriage. Being broke sucks and causes marital problems. Be sure you know the real reason you want this divorce. You married him for better or worse. At least make sure you both are making an effort. OR it could be that you aren't happy together and that's why neither or you have jobs. Depression? Who knows..The best thing I can think of is to get a job before you do anything else.

  • Jim M
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    1 decade ago

    for poorer. It is time to get a divorce.

    If you have job you don't want to support a spouse. That isn't marriage.

    You should try to find a book and a lawyer who will do it low cost.

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