College major help...?

Ideally, I would like to be an A&R rep, but I understand that those jobs are hard to come by. So, I was thinking that I could major in communications and maybe I could find a job similar to that. My question[s] for you is, is this the right choice? Is there another major that would be better? Which branch of communications should I lean towards? Do you know of any similar jobs? Any California colleges that have good programs for this kind of thing? Any minors I should look at? Please and thank you.


Adding on to my question- to get into the record label type jobs, would I need experience? Should I have taken music related classes in school? I was in band in elementary/middle school but I don't know if that counts...

And, thanks Carol, that was really helpful. I'll deff look into that.

And PE2008, really? But what if I actually want to do something with Communications? I shouldn't change what I want to do just because that major "has a bad rep"...right?

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    Communications is a good choice. But maybe consider business management or something along those lines that will get you into a record company after you graduate, and from there your chances are better of transferring to the career you really want.

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    A Communications degree has a bad reputation. It's basically for students who have wasted their university years drinking or doping and need SOMETHING/ANYTHING to show their parents.

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