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Why have cultures developed differently?

At one point all Homo sapiens were culturally one. There was initially one population of Homo ergaster which developed into the superior Homo sapiens. This singular population had one common manner of living -whether it was gathering or scavenging.

Soon this population ramified to fill the corners of the earth. These distinct groups developed differently, similar to how Darwin's finches in the Galapagos evolved differently.

These varying developments caused multiple civilazations with varying defining elements. What initially caused the people in the Indus Valley to develop differently than those in the Great Steppe than in Egypt than in South America?


An example of a reason would be:

-People A inhabited a region with many trees and surrounded by water.

-People B lived in a prarie environment.

-People C lived in an area heavily vegetated by edible plants.

People A, to survive, needed to fish. To do this they made boats. This craftsmanship soon led to more feats of engineering and eventually they were designing grand buildings.

People B, to survive, learned to cultivate the soil. For non harvest seasons People B had to store what they grew and developed ceramics. To differentiate these containers they marked them with symbols. People B, from these beginnings, became a culture strong linguisticlly and in the arts.

People C, being surrounded by food, had no need to change, and are still in their original condition.

These scenarios are obviously made up - if they were not I would not need an answer to this question.

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    Very simply it's the different environmental conditions acting on each of the populations. Different conditions for survival create different attitudes and behaviors which eventually evolve into entirely distinct cultures.

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    Given how much of culture is arbitrary, no one should expect them to all change in the same ways.

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    because everyone sees things differently, if we all saw things the same we would all dress the same, same housing, same goverment, same same same, but it doesnt work that way, its our thinking, its our belief, we all see and think differently but we do compromise

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