Is my aversion to Facebook reasonable?

im sure im not the only one...(when i was dating him) my boyfriend was a little too friendly with some girl who was barely legal over facebook. (yes, ewww... i know.) even worse, just surfing the web and wanted to go to a site i previously visited. found something where he was looking at pics of the girl (not face shots...boob shots that didnt include the face.) and if it could get any worse...while he was telling me it wasnt like that...i couldnt believe him and found out he was emailing some other girl to be "friends". i looked her up. i got to see a pic of a girl bent down in a g string. i realize its subjective, but i am better looking than both of these girls and am a educated lady. i would have rather him just watch porn than sought out "comfort" and a "connection".

then we broke up while being stuck in an apt lease together (legally leases are stronger than relationships these days). we lived in a major city and i thought he shouldve been the one inconvenienced to get out, since the loyalty had been breached before we even broke up.

after all the craziness, i cant seem to get back on there to just talk to friends i may not be as close to as before, but they used to be deccent friends with me before i became a crappy friend and checked out of life. this guy hurt me big time. im sure this is stupid and no one needs Facebook to live. it just bothers me that i cant do this simple thing because of this guy.

your thoughts please!



not legal for in the sense of something like getting too close to someone who is a minor. she just turned 18 when moves were made.

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    Barely legal to own a facebook (So she's 12?)

    Your boyfriend is a pedo?

    --I just had to ask these questions.

  • InDigo
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    Its not facebook your against obviously, its the memories it brings up.. once your heart heals things that bring bad memories wont be so hard anymore.. this guy sounds like a loser and you sound like you deserve WAY better. GL

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