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1998 Eclipse overheating issues?

K so i have a 420a non turbo eclipse and when im driving the water temp guage is normal, but then when i turn it off and turn the key to the point where the water temp gauge reads (motor is still off) it slowly starts to rise past the normal operating temperature. I have replaced the radiator cap, burped the system, and made sure the coolant level is right and its 50/50 premix that i put in. I just got a new thermostat today but havent put it in, hopefully that may be the problem but i felt both hoses and one wasnt cold (if the thermostat was stuck closed). So im kinda stumped im thinking it might be a blown head gasket? No white smoke at all. And theres some brown slimey build up in the reservoir. And one more thing i re-routed a new line to where there isnt any coolant going to the heater core because one of the hoses that is hard to get to behind the motor had a big hole in it but i wouldnt think that would matter so i dono HELP!! please haha this sucks and i dont get why mitsubishi made it to where they have a hose right above the headers, makes no sence at all.


If i drive it for a while it will start overheating while running when im stopped after granny shifting.

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    its normal cuse the water stops flowing and it gets hotter sitting in a hot motor then flowing through it as long as it doesn't over heat when driveing then leave it alone

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