Mentally dealing with scams with online games?

I play maplestory ocasionally when my irl friends are on. and Yeah for my birthday my friend got me some nx cash as a random present. Used it on gach and got a chaos scroll. Now apparently someone scammed me into trading my scroll to them without collateral and they left. -_-

How should I deal with this? I'm not taking it as much of a deal but the fact I got something with the present money I got from a friend just makes me feel depressed/angry.

FYI: character that scammed me was a dexless sin/female char named iSlapCats.

And yes this is one of the reasons why maple sucks. lol but there's still other good times. im just experiencing the the bad times. -_-


The fact I can't just atleast talk back to that ***** pisses me off. They run away, disable their whispers, and log off. It's really cowardly like. Then they still play. While others suffer others gain. -_-

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    1 decade ago
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    How should you deal with it? Move on. There's nothing you can do. There's scammers in every game, there's scammers in real life, you just have to learn to wait before you trust someone.

    Not to say that you can't make some great friends online, but remember that, unlike a real friend, you can't go to their house and kick their *** if they act like a jerk...

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