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Do guys have more respect for girls who don't hook up?

I've been friends with this guy for a few weeks. I really like him. One night we went out drinking and he tried to hook up with me (he said he just wanted a kiss...kinda doubt it). I turned him down because I don't want him to think I'm a ****. Plus, I'm not the kind of girl who can be physical with someone unless I know it's gonna turn into something more. I always thought he kinda liked me, but i think he just wanted some sort of action that night. Anyways, did i do the right thing by turning him down? and do you think he has more respect for me now? i dont want him to think that i dont like him! He sent me three texts this morning apologizing for his actions the other night saying that he was "reallllly sorry" and that he got "pretty bad last night" and he "hopes he didn't make a fool out of himself". What does that mean? He asked me to hang out and I said I was busy and now I haven't heard from him for a day... Do you think he's embarassed to talk to me then?

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    I think u definitely did the right thing

    u maintained your dignity and did what u felt comfortable with, which is what matters in the end

    If he couldnt deal with what u feel good with it wouldnt have worked

    The fact that he then apologized also showed that it was a good choice and he respects u for who u r and u cant go wrong with that!

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    You did the right thing by turning him down, especially if you want the possibility of it turning into a relationship. but, you should have readily accepted his invitation to "hang out" because now he will think that you do not like him.

    advice: ask him out, to hang out, and if that goes well, and its not awkward, ask him on a date.

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    yes he is and u did the right thing

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