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Why does American Society tend to allow racism towards Arabs and Obama...just because of his middle name?

Liberal you really believe...wait...

Did you even answer my question?

wow. I give up.


Oh, I have no issue with people using his name. it's his name. However, when people compare him middle name to the name of a terrorist, it's just like comparing a Japanese bookseller to a kamikaze because they both are Japanese. It's racism....

Update 2:

I'm half arab with bleach blonde hair, freckles and light blue eyes...Still, I have an arab father that doesn't look like an albino, like me.haha So, I DO take this rather personally.

If you go after Obama for being black, that is no allowed and you will immediately be called a racist. Rightfully so. However, if you go after him for his middle name, and call him an Arab and/ or a muslim, that's OK?

They are both forms of racism, it's just the right-wing has brainwashed a lot of America into believe they are in another holy war/ 9th crusade and all Arabs and/or Muslims (Arab and muslim are separate) are enemies of the USA. Which is a stereotype and very racist...but coming from the party of Jeff Sessions, I'm not shocked.

It's the same mentality the Americans had towards Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor.

Calling him the N-word and saying he is a terrorist are both forms of racism, it's just, being racist towards him on the bases he is arab and/or a Muslim (WHICH HE IS NOT) is more socially acceptable, why does American Society allow this?

Update 3:

Lou, that is the second time today that you've given me nearly, verbatim, the exact same answer to two complete different questions.


Update 4:


Update 5:

I'm not an Albino. haha. My mother is blonde with blue eyes and, relative to my father, I'm just fair. Calling myself an albino was a joke, DUH

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    Racism existed LONG before Obama came along and long before terrorism in the Middle East affected the US in any way/

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    Obama is neither black or white, HE was the one to proclaim himself Black. He hides his past life from the world by sealing it against us! When someone has a secret, he must have something to hide. Therefore, I can't trust him. I happen to have a strange middle name too, I have a relative whose first name is SIR, in reality, he isn't one! It's just a name his parents were nutty enough to give him!! Somewhere, way back when, the family WAS entitled to that title, but generation after generation, it got dropped! The point is, it was a bad choice of picking him to be a candidate because of all the trouble in the Middle East. PIty he didn't think about Americanizing his name before he went on the ticket! There are some very good BLACK people, who could have made a great President, but they chose this unknown entity, who for the most part, lived OUTSIDE of these United States! We want an American to be our President, BOTH sides of the family! We don't ALL hate the Arabs, but we DO hate terrorists who go around killing innocent people no matter WHERE they come from! There's an old saying, If the shoe fits -------

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    You sure do like using that over worked word, racism ! The fact remains, 0bama is not a very popular president. Oh, he still gets a lot of support from some of his constituency, mostly blacks, but overall his numbers keep dropping.

    The fact that a majority of Americans are not about to start embracing Muslims, should not surprise anyone, including an albino Arab such as yourself. It has only been eight years since the hideous attack on 9/11, it's just not time yet, for forgiveness. So, it's easy for Americans to tie 0bama to the Arab cause, his words and actions would dictate his loyalty and support to Arabs over Israel.

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    All types of persecution, judgement is wrong. This world will never be rid of it. I think people get emotional when anything Arabic comes into the picture because they are not over 9/11. When we put things in groups and categorize which is "evil" and which is "good" then we really blind ourselves to what is real and take people individually and at face value.

    It'll take time to heal. Racism seems to really run rampant in this country. The best we can do is be above it and speak our opinions, calmly and objectively. Defense will only get defense.

    Source(s): Experience.
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    Just how many legitimate people who crititque dear leader actually use his RACE as a central point in their argument? I have never used his name or race to disagree with him and the mere fact that you only see him as a black man or having a funny name indicates that you have the racist tendency sorry to burst your bubble and the reason I said legititmate is because there are trolls here who pretend to be cons use his race has their basis. I also have some news for you. I had several liberal friends and during the primaries they sent me the nastiest emails calling Obama a muslem, anti-american, non-patriotic and monkey so again there goes your argument.

    As far a the "N" word goes it is used with much more frequency in and among the black community then in the non black community and is evident in Rap music, black movies and in general conversations among black persons. Try getting out of your mom's basement.

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    The Liberal Azz Kicker is Stupid Your not saving anything. The Money grubbing is what is destroying the country . Greed By Rich who want more money and power. The reason the stereotyping is Happening is because of 911 , pretty Hard to forget seeing those people jump out of those windows to keep from being burned to death horribly. If you were ever in a Fire You would not be asking this question. Believe me

  • Ask Hillary. It was HER campaign that implied his middle-name should be a security concern.

    Conservatives didn't make any issue of it until OBAMA said using his name = racism. THEN we started using it.

    If this is something you take personally, don't vote Democrat.

    Calling him the N-word was a habit of Democrats during the primary and the "Democrats for McCain" who jumped ship because they couldn't stand to vote for someone with dark skin.

    Few people called him a terrorist, but some of us pointed out his ENTIRE pre-election resume was tied to self-described terrorists. Is "terrorist" a race?

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    I started to berate you here for your holier than thou attitude. But instead I have decided to give you some personal history that may make you understand more about life.

    1- You can not understand how we Americans look at Arabs as persons to be suspicious of. What was the ethenic background of each and every one of the 9-11 bombers? What was the ethenic background of the PanAm bomber? What was the ethenic background of the USS Cole bombers in Yeman? What was the ethenic background of the men that bombed the US barracks in Saudi Arabia? How about the embassies in Africa? Yes I do look at people of middle eastern descent with suspicion, and I think I have earned the right to do so. Maybe it is more of their obligation to show me why I should not. Being good citizens would go a long way in doing that. Stop using your places of worship to raise monies for support of terrorist activities would also go a long way. Americans are the greatest people on earth to forgive and forget. You just have to give us a reason.

    2- To question the religion of Mr. Obama is only caused by his actions, none other. Short example, He refused to observe National Prayer Day but acknowledged Ramadan. His father was muslim, after his father deserted him his mother married a muslim from Indonesia and Obama attended Islamic schools for his early years of education. He has not renounced Islam and he has not attended any church since being elected president. Is he afraid to announce his conversion to christianity? Correct me if I am incorrect, to renounce Islam in favor of another religion is cause for death in many muslim societies. These actions or inaction cause many to question where his simpathies lie.

    3- I have lived and worked in two Muslim countries which I will not identify by name. One is an extremely wealthy Kingdom in the Middle East and the other is the largest of Islamic Nations. How do you think I was looked at walking the streets of Jeddah or Riyadh? How do you think I was treated at the air ports both when leaving the country and at Immigration and Customs when entering. Do you think that no one noticed me when I walked the streets of Jarkata? How would you like to be forced to sneak out by a tug boat to Singapore when the militant Muslim insurgents on Sumatra took over the area where I was working. How would you feel when you are bumped from your flight leaving the country because a national showed up with a ticket that was just purchased when my ticket was purchased two weeks in advance?

    Do I dislike all Arabs? No but I look at them with suspension until they prove that I do not need to. Do I dislike all Muslims? No but I do not forget either.

    I have told you these things hopefully to make you understand that all of the racism and inequalities are not confined to America.

  • One reason: The cowards of the neo-Nazi ultra-right in America are basically ignorant, ill-informed, and puppets of sleazy, repulsive scum bag "cheer leaders". In consequence, they are trained like Pavlovian dogs--which is pretty much what they ARE--to react to buzz words.

    This--the name "Hussein"-- is a buzz word, and the lowlife mad dogs are out. They figure, other simpletons will equate it with Saddam Hussein, whom these degenerate scum managed to be persuaded was some kind of threat. They'd react to "Mustapha" or "Obaid", too. They are incredibly dense, and think all that which is not white and Christian is inherently evil, and the dimwits do not, in fact, even understand their own culture. Scumbags like Hannity, Beck, and Limbaugh have this useless, cowardly rabble convinced they are under siege. Some of these scum even believe all "liberals" have no jobs, and other stereotypes spread by the liars who supply them with what passes for "ideas" in their psychopathic world.

    Most of these schmucks have never been more than fifty miles from home, and delude themselves thinking every Islamic soul in the world is an Arab (WRONG!), an arch-radical (even MORE wrong!), and personally plotting the overthrow of whatever perverse form of Christianity these

    scum bag lowlife filth claim to adhere to. I noticed recently when I explained to an ultra-right wing neo-Nazi sleaze maggot here in town that Indonesia and Singapore were Islamic, he argued crazily they were Buddhist and/or Christian. Truth: they couldn't find either on a map! Total feebs!

    You expected better?

    These people are scum...neo-Nazi, right wing scum!

    The melancholy sissies even call anyone who deviates from their rigid propaganda line "racist", yet another of their imbecilic Nazi scams, and another symptom of their illiteracy and overall ignorance.

    Then, they take the nickname for special advisers, "czars", and make that into another delusional, obscene construct, made of the raw feces of their depraved hallucinations, as if we were making endless IVAN GROZNY type characters, which is, of course, impossible, save in their cloud-and-cuckoo land fantasies.

    They never seem to figure out that it is one thing to "dream impossible dreams", yet another for them to spew their

    moronic fantasies out in the light of the real world, where their insanities are exposed immediately. Most of them would've been institutionalized as paranoid schizophrenics 35 or so years ago!

    After all, the depraved lunatics they consider their "leaders" were able to convince these slime that Nazis and Fascists were somehow "left wing" and "liberal". Anyone that moronic is quite capable of ANYTHING, as long as it is stupid and insane.

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    I think sadly that the US is the MOST racist country IN THE INDUSTRIALIZED WORLD. There are places that are worse like Serbia or Sudan but they're NOT PART OF THE INDUSTRIALIZED WORLD. The US has the WORST healthcare, the MOST RACISM, the WORST OBESITY, and many other problems out of ALL FIRST WORLD COUNTRIES. Right wing idiots who live in an imaginary world where the US is #1 in everything and refuse to believe their lying eyes are the ones who are leading to the downfall of our once great country.

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