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People 18 and up: My friend said if a guy really likes you he ignores you on purpose?

Is this true


Like for example if he was talking to you and then all of a sudden he stopped talking to you

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    People who have said "no" that is not neccessarily true.

    It depends how many times this boy has spoken to you, how close he is to you etc.

    If he speaks to you a lot and laughs at your jokes and smiles at you in real life but then suddenly ignores you, then yes, he could like you very much.

    He's hiding away beause his feelings are so strong.

    Some boys and girls can get over emotional - not in a crying way if you know what I mean, lol, but just they can't show their feelings anymore.

    It's like they're kept hidden and they want to burst out but they don't want anyone to know.

    If a boy ignores you on purpose you can always tell him it's making you really upset and thinking that you've done something wrong.

    If you say that then they will always come back to you if they truly like you.

    If they ignore you even after you told them it's making you very sad then I would just ignore them back.

    They are obviously immature and don't care about anyone but themselves. They are selfish if they don't care how you feel.

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    I do not know where your friend got that idea from but it makes no sense even on face value. The only reason(s) a guy might ignore you include not seeing you,not liking you, being in a hurry, not knowing that he was ignoring you,not knowing that you were trying to make contact, waiting for you to say hi first,and so on.Come to think of it ,those are the identical reasons anybody might ignore you. To suddenly stop talking to you in the middle of a conversation may suggest that there is a person or persons around who might not take kindly to him talking to you.

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    Well it's like he wants to keep the crushing on the down low until he's somewhere alone with the girl, then the flirting starts!

    Source(s): I'm guessing, it was my boyfrirnds way in getting to know me ;)
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    no, if a guy did that too me i'd think he REALLY didn't like me.

    either he stopped talking to you cuz

    a) didn't want to be seen talking to you cuz if another guy saw that he liked you that guy might steal you from him or someone might tell you that he likes you and doesn't want you to know yet.

    b) is a jerk

    i'm going with b) cuz guys aren't complicated like us girls, they're VERY simple

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    Sometimes guys do that.....i don't. if i like a girl im gonna get at her im gonna talk to her and im gonna let her know im trying to get at her im not going to make it secret im going to put myself out there, i don't play games i get to the point.

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    kind of, yes, im am really shy, and i usually ignore girls i like because i think it is awkward, my last girlfriend asked me out.

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    It shows he is immature and an asshole.....same goes for the girls!

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    umm well that really depends on how old he is...young guys maybe..older men no

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    Maybe he doesn't know if he is liked back.

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    real adults don't do that

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