Difference between a shotgun and a pistol's projectiles?

i know that a shotgun fires pellets, does a pistol do the same things? for example, a shotgun loads a bullet casing holding pellets which become the projectile, a pistol loads a bullet, but does that bullet too become a handful of pellets? or is the projectile of a pistol a solid bullet?

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    In general a shotgun fires multiple pellets and a pistol fires a single bullet.

    However, as in all things, there are exceptions such as a "slug" shell for a shotgun (often used to hunt deer) that is a single bullet and "shot" shells for pistols that fire multiple pellets. Taurus, for example, sells a revolver designed to shoot both.

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    With few exceptions, pistol rounds are solid projectiles. Some manufacturers make rounds, which contain pellets, though they are encased in epoxy and do not break apart until after impact. The round still flies as one projectile. Others make a kind of gelatin bubble full of pellets for pistols, which are used for snake guns, etc.

    While a shotgun is generally a smooth bore, the pistol barrel is rifled, which is to say it's grooved or shaped in a way that forces the projectile to spin as it moves.

    This gives the pistol round a higher velocity, flatter trajectory, and longer range than the average shotgun shell.

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    A bullet mushrooms upon impact,unless it's a steel jacket round (bullet) now a shot gun can fire what's called a slug,that is for short range,where the bullet from a rifle or hand gun is more accurate then the shot gun.The state police carry a 45 caliber pistol,the county police carry a 9 millimeter pistol.The 45 cal is good for short range,but more powerful then a 9mm.But the 9mm has more of a range.In some states the police have a 45 cal and a shot gun.Hope i helped,my cousin is a state trooper in NJ and i'm a gun collector here in NY.

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