Best way to teach my son more words?

My son is almost 18 months old and he hasn't learned many words yet and I see all my friends kids around his age talking away. we sit down and read everyday and I sit and talk with him but he only picks up on little small words... any ideas?

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    Let him learn at his own rate. Stop comparng him to other children. I learn this when I had my second son. All kids learn at a different rate. My oldest was close to talking full sentences when he turn 1 y/o. My second son only said a handful of words until he was 20 months old. Then over night started talking our heads off in full sentences. Stop looking at other children around the same age, just focus on your son and what is going on with him. Always say what something is when you give him something. Juice when you are handing him a cup of juice. Never use baby talk with him. Mama Dada and Baba were the only baby talk words ANYONE was allowed to say to my boys. Picture flash cards are another good idea. Keep reading to him daily and just keep talking talking and talking. Name everything he comes into contact with. It helps him learn what new things are easier and it will help with his talking. But it takes time. Good luck.

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    My son was like this, when I had my daughter she was an early talker and I think it was because I was always chatting away to my then 2-4 year old son. I think the best thing to do is just chat away to him all the time, talk about everything and ask questions just as if he can answer you. The more you talk, the more he will learn and the more he will talk. All kids are different though, my son didn't really talk until he was 2 but he never shuts up now :)

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    Make sure you are talking to him a lot - keep up a running commentary during the day, talk about where you are, what you are doing, what you are seeing - everything.

    This way he is surrounded by language, because, it doesn't really matter when he starts to speak, but the acquisition of language is what is important and what should be going on right now.

    Also, check to see if he can follow short instructions - such as, "Put this red ball in the box" or "Take this to Grandma" - he may understand a lot more than he can say.

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    Mostly children learn from real object.When you go out point and tell whats that.Keep on telling same word.They will catch up easily.Sometimes they know the words,but they cannot say.When he turn to three he can speak all the words.Dont be afraid.My son also like that.Talk a lot with him.Read the story books.Listening is very important.So keep on doing.U wait for his three yrs.He will be very intellignet boy at school.Good Luck

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    He may have a greater understanding and just not be using language particularly if he can get what he wants without. It might be worthwhile having his hearing checked. If he has had frequent colds and stuffed nose he may have a hearing deficit. Children who do not hear all the tones and pitches are often slower to use speech. Sometimes the hearing loss is caused by ear infections or "glue ear" and these can be easily treated.

    Teething can upset hearing slightly too. Keep using language and encourage him to use words too. Do consider having a hearing assessment done.

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    Sounds like my 22 month old son

    I read to him all the time, we sit outside and point and "say" things that we see... like a plane in the sky, or a car that drives by, or tree's, grass, basically anything we see

    Boys are a lil bit slower in learning thing than girls... But at least he is picking up on the small words like my son

    But, one day our kids will be like "mom can I go outside and play?" lol

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  • KitKat
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    1 decade ago

    stop comparing him to other children! read to him daily & speak with him instead of using a TV. if you feel there is a medical problem, consult the pediatrician. enjoy parenthood.

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