Puffy,frizzy,thick,curly hair! help!!?

please please please help! please answer!....helpfull! :)

i need a really really good hair straightener! CHI,HAI, Coriolis and all that wont work on my hair. the only things that works is a metal straightener but that burn your hair really bad. i have even been to hair salons and they couldn't even straighten my hair!! everytime i straighten it...i looks like i just blow dried it with a really good blow drier!... i was thinking about getting the FHI runway but thats like $350.00! i have also heard of the GHD but idk if it will work! help me please!

2 Answers

  • 1 decade ago

    Trust me --- check out this website: www.tightlycurly.com

    Teri (the woman who created it) has done her research, that's for sure! She shows you where she started with her own hair (an overprocessed, frizzy, colored, dry mess) and where she is today. Gorgeous curls down to her waist. She has tons of excellent product advice, step by step instructions for how to define your curls and style hair, tips on how to restore and/or regrow hair, before and after pics, etc.

    My daughter and I struggled before finding this website, and now my daughter is walking around with her head held high --- VERY proud of her curly, beautiful hair!

    I hope this is helpful!

  • go to natural curly.com find a hair salon that specializes in curly hair, you need a professional that can cut and tame your hair!! it really works. i did it but made the mistake of flat ironing my hair. Curls are beautiful, but you have to be patient and use the right product. naturally curly.com

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