Ok... i really need your guys help! dating question.?

Every now and then i get asked out.... I go on a date with the guy, i just want to be friends and don't give them the idea that i want to be anything more then that, so when the date is over we awkwardly hug and say good night. but it was fun to hang out with them, i just don't want to date them.

After these types of dates, we usually don't stay friends sadly.

I am just not "guy friend hang out" material. Most guys don't want to hang out with me (for some reason i don't know why) or they want to date me.

Can you explain to me why this happens and what i can do to be hang out material?? Thanks so much. I want some good guy friends.

Btw, just some other info, I am 19, tall and i have a pretty face. I am not the skinniest thing ever but i am ok. I don't know if this has anything to do with why I GET asked out by guys i want to be friends with and NOT by guys i think are cute.

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    It is likely because when a guy asks you on a date he hopes it is a way to get past the friend stage. When you let them know you're only interested in friendship with them it is possible their ego has been hurt. so it is hard to be friends with you because your a walking reminder of the rejection they just received. It is not something personal it is just the way they might feel. I have been like that before. I was interested in a girl and worked hard to get her to see me as more than a friend, and after all that i got "lets just be friends." it stings the ego and makes it ackward to be around the person. As far as why "cute" guys don't ask you out might be because word gets around that anyone you go on a date with ends up as a friend and nothing more so they lose interest. You seem like a nice person so eventually i think you'll find someone you're interested in. good luck:)

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    Well, girl you got respect for yourself, and trust me guys hate that. You know most guys only want one thing, and when you don't give it up, forget about being friends. You're a girl so you wouldnt understand the embarrasment and akwardness a guy feels when he gets rejected. A guys not gonna want to be friends with a girl who just caused him that pain. I had alot of friends in school, and alot of them were girls. And I found out that almost all of them, I never even dated. Trust me it's hard to have a serious friendship with someone after an date that went no where. If you want to have a serious guy friend, don't go out with him. Cause then you give him the idea that you're intrested in a romantic relationship. Guys only want one thing from dates. And when you don't give it to him, he's not gonna waste his time with you. But if you never give him that option, then he'll still keep his respect for you, and a serious friendship, is then possible.

    I hope this helps, Good Luck


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    I think if a guy asks you out on a date and you agree, they assume you are also interested in a romantic relationship. Instead of something so formal, just hang out. Do things that guys do when they hang out- like play video games.

    Maybe initially you are giving them a vibe that you want something more than friendship, so they ask you out to begin with. Be less flirty, and less of a tease. Be a real person, and friendly, so that they'll want to hang out as just your friend.

    Source(s): I have a ton of guy friends and a boyfriend
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    Don't flirt with them, and date one of them so the rest can be friends

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    Most guys don't want girls as friends. They want to date them or pork them. It's simple.

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