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What does this expression mean?

When someone says ”He has got a bit of a temper”,

does this mean he got angry sometimes? or he is a little bit angry ?

thank you in advance for helping me!

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    It means that the person being described may become bad tempered, or angry, if provoked (or perhaps even without provocation).

    It doesn't necessarily mean that they are angry all the time and it doesn't mean that they are angry at the present time. It is a warning to someone that the person under discussion is liable to become angry.

    Source(s): Native English speaker (United Kingdom). GCE "A" level English.
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    A bit is one unit of binary data that can be 1 or 0 (aka on or off). When they say that they have a "bit" of temper, it is a reference to an ancient computer game where the AI literally had the ability to be mad. Whenever the player made the AI angry they were given the message "The AI has a bit of a temper" and produced an angry face. It was poor English because the programmer was Indian. It's called Commander Keen if you want to play it.

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    they are describing a person who feels he has the right to get mad at anyone for the simplest of things, is angry most of the time, when nothing goes his way he gets upset, thinks that everyone should listen to what he says because he is always right.

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    more like he's a little bit angry

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    I'm American. Someone normally would say that only in everyday conversation.

    It means he gets angry sometimes.

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