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How would Guild Wars run on my computer?

I have:

Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.60 GHz

2.56 RAM

56K Modem Broadband

NVIDIA GeForce 6200


Messed up i have high speed internet

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    Provided your internet connection is of a sufficient speed, i think you'll be able to run it just fine, since my laptop can run it excellently, and it has lower specs than yours.

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    CPU is fine.

    2.56 RAM... Are you talking about 256MB RAM or 2.56GB RAM? I'm guessing it's the first. If it's 256MBs, then you need more RAM, preferably at least 1GB.

    1GB = 1024MB

    RAM is dirt cheap these days, you can probably get 1GB for $10

    A better video card is highly recommended. Doesn't have to be too expensive, a GeForce 9600GT or GeForce 8600GTS is more than enough to do the job. $70ish

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    To get more RAM without spending too much or opening up your computer, I suggest this. If you have a windows vista computer, get a USB with Readyboost. When you plug in the USB it will give you an option to use the space on it for more RAM. That will solve the RAM issue easily, but I still suggest getting the actual hardware and installing it in your computer. ^_^

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    Ok now that you say you have high speed, just get better RAM. or even has Memory for very cheap. $10-50

    You might want a better video card if you don't want ewwie graphics. $50-300

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