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De-flowered problems :D?

Well, I recently lost it. No, not my mind. And it HURT. I don't miss the V-club at all, lol.

But anyway, those women with experience: It was really sore for a couple of days afterward. Is that unusual?

It's just that I've always believed it was only supposed to hurt for a few minutes after the hymen is first torn. But maybe I'm wrong? :\

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    The first time can be painful for many reasons & many virgins experience what you did. It will feel better before long. Look up the word "hymen" & read what it says. People call it the "cherry" & when a gal loses her virginity, it's said that the gal's cherry was popped. That is just bunk. A man's penis, doesn't pop anything. Look up the word hymen & you'll see what I mean.

    edit: You may have experienced after pain for many reasons, such as:

    vaginal dryness from lack of foreplay/lack of having a orgasm

    the guy's penis being large

    you being very tense

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    If only it hurt for a few minutes! If only it didn't hurt at all! haha. But yes what you are experiencing is very normal. Mine actually hurt for about a week. It really sucks but once it's done an over with life is good! :p

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    Nah. I waited until I got married, and oh My GOD did it hurt.

    And it wasn't only the sharp pain of the initial tear, no no no! It was sore and crampy for a few days and helped prevent us from being able to do it again until like, 4 days.

    Heal up, next time you do it, it should be fine.

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    a couple of days is normal. Sorry, not a girl -just a bored guy.

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