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what do i do if my car got keyed?

i parked my car and noticed the next day that my car had been keyed and idk how to fix it and I'm not spending 2 grand to fix it because i don't have it... oh and i have a BLACK bug.... if anyone has any advice for me that be fabulous!

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    mine got keyed at a wal-mart. i talked to the management the cameras were pointed there when i went in.and when they check the play back said there wasn't anything cause they were pointed another way .there were chips on the ground from one end to the other.park at your own risk ? what are the cameras for ?

    Any who.get some touch up paint and just fill in the scratch.keeps the rust out

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    They sell a thin paint pen for cars at Wal-Mart or any auto supply store. You look for the name and type of car, so the paint will match and you just color or draw in where the paint has been taken off.

    Source(s): I saw them just today.
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    Contact your insurance and talk to them about it. Also take it to a shop before jumping to conclusions on how much it might cost to fix

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    Hey patna. Next time your car gets damaged in any way you should call the police and get a report of it and call your insurance.

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    get the simonz clear coat pen an wax ur carr

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