How can i make a 1991 Honda Civic LX into a street legal dune buggy type vehicle?

I really want to cut down the body and add some bigger tires and suspension and things like that. But I am not sure of what is legal, and what i need and do not need on the car. So if you have any information or can direct me to a website to help me out that would be great.

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    The car being a FWD car is a minus. Honestly, it's possible to make it into a badass little toy but as for it being street legal it's not worth it. Really if you want a cheap little toy that you wouldn't mind getting dirty, I'd get a VW baja bug. I love seeing them run the races in the desert. The motors can be dropped out and put back in really quick and parts are cheap. Other than that, don't ever let someone tell you that it's impossible to do anything. Everything is possible when your a fabricator. If you decide to build your civic, I wish you luck.

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    a great thing to look at is VW Bug dune buggies, they tend to be common and are street legal. "Street Legal" cars vary from state to state. The big things to make sure you have are all the correct lights (brake, reverse, 4-corner turn signals, and head lights), make sure it has all required safety gear (seatbelts minimum usually), and make sure that it passes emissions. Most states have their "what qualifies as street legal" laws on their DMV website. After that, you have to think "If I were a cop, would I pull me over?" You gotta make sure that the body is structurally sound, and that nothing on it could be a danger to other cars. Personally I've never heard of a Civic going Buggy, normally that's reserved for Rear or 4 Wheel Drive cars. But, whatever you want.

  • chasse
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    4 years ago

    you have a 4 technology 1988-1991 Honda Civic LX. The motor that got here in those fashions replaced into the D15B2 SOHC Non-VTEC. Has 92hp and 88trq. here is quite some the motor swaps considered/have been achieved: D16Z6 EG Civic EX Motor (125hp w/ 106trq) SOHC VTEC D16Y8 EK Civic EX Motor (127hp w/111trq) SOHC VTEC B16A SiR-I or SiR-II automobiles (a hundred and sixty-170hp w/ 111-113trq) DOHC VTEC B16B type R Motor (185hp w/ 117trq) DOHC VTEC B18B Integra LS Motor (145Hp w/ 127trq) DOHC B18C GSR Motor (180hp w/ 126trq) DOHC VTEC B18C type R Motor (200hp w/ 134trq) DOHC VTEC And the popular K20A type R Motor (220hp w/ 158trq) i-VTEC DOHC there is likewise a possibilty of the H and F sequence automobiles. each and every motor would or would possibly not want some ameliorations to the engine bay to slot in the vehicle.

  • Chrys
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    1 decade ago

    depends on the state you live in..but most states REQUIRE the height of the vehicle to be at least 12 inches off the ground, but not more than 15...all states require there to be -2- bumpers. (front and back).

    You have to have some body work to protect you and you can't get insurance to allow you to be on a road if you don't have seat belts and airbags and a good roll cage. ( not to mention windows, mirrors, etc.)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Brand New built frame, new engine, intake, suspension............basically impossible it would cost so much money.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Lots of time and $$ to even attempt that...sorry :{

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