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Are you like Emma Watson/Hermione Granger?

I definatly am! I LOVE SPORTS (like emma) i ALWAYS get good grades (ike hermione) I am a goody gum drop (like hermione) i am bossy (like hermione) i have two close friends (like hermione) in apearance wise, i have short, bushy brown hair, brown eyes and a light complextion, sometimes people call me mini mione cause i'm younger but am EXACTLY like her..........sooooo yeh can u honestly say that ur alot like hermione or emma???

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    I used to be alot more like Hermione when I was younger!! Lol I still am, but I think im more like Emma now (I love sports also!!) I used to be a bookworm/know-it-all until I met my two cool (main) best friends and I chilled out lol and became more laid-back yet still intelligent. But unlike Hermione im in LOOOVVVEE with Draco Malfoy lol (my screen name is obvious)

    Sounds like ur like me! Feel free to e-mail me if ya want to chat bout anything! :)

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    She advance right into a especially lady, and now she is a especially youthful lady. extra importantly, she is arising right into a great actor. I do desire she keeps interior the occupation after the Potter saga concludes. i think of that's truthful to declare that the sky's the decrease for this proficient youthful lady.

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    I like sports and I get great grades. That's where the similarity between us ends.

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