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how do i keep my face from turning red during p.e?

my gym teacher KILLS me in gym! ugh the whole classes hair gets all messy and we get all sweaty and red but i turn extremey red like a crayon red redder than everyone else and its so embarassing !!!!!!!!

how to i get my face to not look like a hot pepper whn im done ? help?

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    its just how your face is. mine is like that too. the good thing is, it means you have better blood flow and youre going to have better skin than every other person in the school!

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    i have the same exact problem. i love running, stay fit, and am pretty skinny. but in gym my face gets red and sweaty and everyone asks if i'm ok, but i'm not even worn out. i haven't really figured out an answer yet. maybe an anti-persperant?

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    I say camouflage it...grow a beard. Not only will it hide your redness, it will increase your coolness to unimaginable levels.

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    i agree with the first answer....and it might never change, it could just be who you are.

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  • 1 decade ago

    get in better shape

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