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How to get dogs to pee in same place? And how to get rid of the urine smell on outside yard?

I have a dirt yard and we are fixing to move and there is this HORRIBLE smell of urine, the dirt gets hosed off every day with water but it doesn't seem to be helping any ideas how to deal with this urine smell? A

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    try pouring a mixture of Mr Clean or Pine Sol with water in a very large pucket and spreading it across that area, raking it in. You might also try covering that area after raking with pine, cedar or eucalyptus mulch. But if you are selling you must disclose that problem to the buyers (at least here in CA).

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    To get your dogs to pee in the same place, put them on a leash when they need to go out and then take them to their designated place to pee when they need to. =) you have to do this every time they need out 3-7 days.

    Source(s): puppy potty training.
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