black magic,curses,hexes?and how to do them.?

i want to know some spells of black magic and also some curses(any kind) and also hexes(anykind)if you know them then plz tell me.if you want it to tell me privately then her is my email address:

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    The good news is most black magic, curses and such are disguised in ludicrous ritual, so peons like you can not access such powers. So go ahead, find the rituals, and see if you can decipher the codes. Doubtful, from how you ask.

    There was a story on Haunting, true stories, one guy decided to play, and summoned 3 demons to himself. He never dismissed them, or gave them a command, so they just kept coming at him, until he was totally possessed, and drained his life force. Still want at them. Foolish choice.

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    You should not diddle into black magic.

    1. Obivously you are not experience in the are of magick

    2.God forbid you summon something you don't know how to get rid of

    3.Every thing you do comes back three times as worst or better

    Maybe you should try focusing on more positive stuff then black magic.

    Source(s): experince
  • magick to some is not real, this is true and I accept it but it's clear that you want to learn about this as an actual practice and should be respected. To he who said that religion isn't real.. wow what rock have you been living under? Religion is as real as food stamps mister. Religion exists and is recognized by many countries, people and well it's a real life thing. Whether it is useful to you or not is not of our concern but if it is useful for us then please sit down. If you're not part of the solution then you're part of the problem and the problem I speak of is of intolerance and hatred towards those who wish only to better themselves in the best way they feel they can. This has little to do with anyone outside of the self and if it includes anyone then I could assure you that most only want to live in harmony. Who wouldn't?

    Saying that magick doesn't exists is like saying that Love doesn't exists. It's true to whomever says it and that's it. We believe in what we believe in because of our lives experiences and we are not ignorant.

    As I have said before, I don't know whether to laugh or feel sad about the ignorance displayed by some people and while I would like to think that everyone is educated in a time when information is easily available it is clear that this isn't the case. Silly, uneducated and greedy people seem to not understand what Faith is and have immature ideas about what magick is.

    Any witch who knows their path well will tell you that magick is not a crutch for us to completely rely on. We don't sit around wand waving like harry potter. It's merely putting our troubles in gods hands and asking him/her to give us a little hand. For anyone who think as one of the answerers who stated that we would be displaying our magickal abilities ... LMAO stop smoking whatever it is you're smoking because it surely is not making you any smarter and this is something that a witch is telling you. Jokes on you and those like you.


    Word to the questioner, giving you spells to curse others makes you appear as though you might be up to no good. As many times before, the magickal world and the physical world are very much the same. If I sold you a gun to kill someone then police will include me as a criminal and would arrest me faster than I could say "I want my lawyer" so in magick this is very much the same. to put such things in your hand will have consequences to those who armed you with such workings especially since we don't know you of having any morals or anything. As a matter of fact you've spent the entire time on Yahoo!Answers asking for spells and it we're not certain whats going on. I apologize for not really answering your question but I felt the need to speak up on your behalf against those who speak ill of your beliefs and mine.


    Shadow Storm

    Remember we must walk a path that will Honor the Goddess or we shall curse ourselves and have our gifts taken away.

    Source(s): The priests/magicians who held so much sway in the ancient courts didn't last past the Renaissance, the time of learning and scientific advancement. Why might that be? (It's because magic isn't real, that's why.) <-- this was shared with us lol and I wonder where he thinks modern science came from. Modern science comes from its older form called Alchemy along with all other beliefs. Those priests were what helped science grow. It evolved! So please do your research before you speak ill of this older form of science that we used before we gained more knowledge. Those beliefs are still valid today and the priests still exist today and are actually growing in numbers. To imagine that you think we as people can be this stupid to just belief in something without any actual personal proof is quite scary. You give yourself too much credit and humanity not so much.
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    You have to start off by learning what magick is and how it works. You probably don't even know the basics so start there.

    Black magick is a dark path and if you use it.......... lets just say you'll have visitors.

    Source(s): I practiced black magick once but now I'm against it.
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    Join a druid community you will soon learn how bad black magick is...

    Source(s): Once practiced it and got a few visitors xc
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    There is no good or bad magik simply cause and effect. For somthing simple try color therapy. allow magik into your bloodstream(or at least thats what it feels like)and envision the target surrounded by color:

    Red = Passion, Aggresion, energy

    Violet = calm, sleep, dreams

    green = happiness, at peace

    P.S. remember it depens on how you use it.

    If you are really bent on doing something evil i strongly suggest researching summoning.

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    Magic is not real. You can't do magic, people on the internet can't do magic, no one can do magic. If people could do magic, then it would be obvious because people would do magic. There would be public displays of magical abilities. People would use their magic to help people instead of making a quick and easy buck.

    Here's where you say "But magic people would be oppressed by normal people who are boring and dumb!" If people could have done magic since time immemorial, then people of the past would have been wowed into accepting them as gods and rulers. People were wowed into accepting people as gods and rulers because they were stronger militarily and politically, not because they could throw around magic missiles. The priests/magicians who held so much sway in the ancient courts didn't last past the Renaissance, the time of learning and scientific advancement. Why might that be? (It's because magic isn't real, that's why.)

    Source(s): It isn't hard to think for oneself.
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    Doesn't this question violate the usage conditions ?

    No way Dude!

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    why would you want to know about this stuff do you want to causes pain and suffering to other people ? if so your not a very nice person

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    Join Your Local Spiritualist church , learn medium ship and you ill be all set

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