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Can I take leave from college to join the armed forces?

I'm soon to be 20 and in my second year of college. It's not to say that I'm not ready for college, but I'm definitely not as mature as many of my classmates and am just not "in the game" all the time. I need time to become something and grow up a bit.

Straight out of high school a few of my friends joined up to the Army and the Air Force and are having great experiences and are really becoming adults, whereas I'm miserable and still acting like a kid.

I've always heard of people joining the forces out of high school or after college, but never int he middle. Is it a stupid thing to do, or just uncommon/


Sorry, I forgot: I definitely do intend to at least finish this semester, if not the whole year, so I can have some time to get things situated

Update 2:

and "acting like a kid" wasn't necessarily accurate, I just don't exactly realize I'm in the real world, I know I am, it just hasn't hit home, and I still think someone's gonna be there to take care of me all the time when they're not

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    It is not uncommon, many do it. I quit college in the middle of my senior year to join the army. It was right after the incident in Somalia (Black Hawk Down was about it, in case you don't know). I got so fired up after seeing those scumbags drag murdered Americans naked through the streets I felt obligated to do something. I was happy go lucky and a goofball until the army made a man out of me. People told me I was crazy for leaving college with so little time left, but I would do it again. I ended up getting my degree and going back in as an officer. If you want to get more mature and learn real life discipline, join up. I loved my time in. Good luck.

    PS - you would go in as an E-3, only college grads go in as E-4's.

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    in the air force if you have 20 or more semester credits you may be elgible for an increased rank. a lot of school offer leaves especially to serve on active duty. I'm in you same situation. I may not still be acting like a kid but I'm joing the forces to serve and give back and to make something better of myself. I'm thinking of the Navy or Air Force. Already took my ASVAB and did my physical but won't swear into a branch untill next year

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    I'd recommend it...I wish I had. it took me almost 8 years to get my that I've graduated college i'm about to enlist into the army...enlist, not go in as an officer. i'm doing that because I was such an undisciplined frat guy in college that I made mistakes which now preclude me joining up as an officer initially. So now i'm going in as an E4. but would've been better off going in as an E1-E2 half a decade ago. college will always be there...but do the military while you still have your youth...besides, the military will pay for college during and after service. college loans are no fun...

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    Finish the semester you are in. If you withdraw during the semester, you will probably get much less a refund than the tuition you paid, and you will get no credit for the courses if you withdraw.

    But taking time out from college to is nothing unusual. Just finish your semester.

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    I would try to get at least some kind of degree first seeing as you are there right now.

    At least an AA.

    Then join the Navy where they are good at letting you learn as you go.

    Having college back ground you will probably get rank quicker, and that means more money.

    Become an officer and have a rank race with your friends.

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    It is better to finish the education at desired level and join army.

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    If you have an associates degree you can enlist as an E-4 instead of E-1.

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    I don't think it's abnormal at all to enlist mid-college. With your credits you will enlist advanced rank.

    Here are links that explain what rank you will enlist based on how many college credits you have, good luck!

    Advanced Enlistment Ranks:




    Source(s): I left out the Navy b/c omg do not join the Navy... do not.... :)
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    yes .you can what everything to do

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