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How can a 11 yr old raise his/her stamina ...?

im 11 and i need more stamina cuz when i play basketball i get tired so fast... i have no gym equipment except for weights and barbels and stuff like that so yeah ... thanks for the help .

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    you dont really need the gym equipment

    what you're looking for is endurance here so i recommend you keep playing basketball because to gain endurance you should push yourself out of your comfort zone

    besides playing basketball i also suggest you run for long distances and always push yourself when running

    a good way to increase endurance especially for a sport like basketball would be to do interval training

    first sprint to the end of the road/track and then walk/jog back and keep repeating

    if you follow that then you should be set

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    1. get some ankle weights, you can use socks 1/2 full of sand tied at one end that are long enough to wrap around your ankles and secure them with Velcro, shoelace, rubber bands. Use these all the time, try to increase your weight to them every week, start at like 5 lbs each. 2. Eventually start adding a weight belt. Don't take anything off until bedtime and put it on in the morning as soon as you wake up. Do this for months to years and your body will start to adjust naturally with more muscle mass and bigger bone density to make up for the added weight just like the large obese people you see on TV that are over 1000 lbs and their bones and organs get huge to supply the blood and nutrients and support the weight the carry. However in your case you will only be adding 10-20% of your body weight and when you take it off to play or competition, do so about 15 minutes before to get acclimated to your weight loss for balance, and you will feel awesome.

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    I'd say the one that can spend extra time with him. Even an 11yr historic demands to be with a guardian. So if the dad has past due paintings hours then he might not be the satisfactory character. or If the mother works plenty or even on weekends then that might positioned her out of the image too. I'd say which ever guardian would be there after institution and on weekends might be the satisfactory. Growing up my dad was once a workaholic. He labored from round 5am until 7pm at night time. Plus on weekends and sure even went to paintings on Christmas morning. (unhappy however actual). So if my mothers and fathers cut up whilst I was once younger dad would not be the only for us.

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    Start walking. When you can walk a few miles, with relative ease, then start jogging. Jog as far as you can, then start walking again until your breathing is back to normal, and start jogging again. Some people do this by telephone pole one, walk two, then run one, walk one, etc. When you start to increase, keep jogging, farther and farther, until you get to where you can jog for a solid hour. (It can be done)

    By jogging, I don't mean running (yet). You don't want to be where you can't keep up with your breathing. You want to jog slowly enough that you can breath well, heavily but well, and in a metered fashion. You might start breathing with every two steps.

    IN, right, left....OUT, right, left

    then increase to three

    IN, right, left, right....OUT, left, right, left

    Once you're jogging comfortably for a solid hour, then you want to start running (not sprinting) for as long as you can. When you tire, drop back to jogging until you're comfortable again, and start back running. When you can run no more, jog the remainder of the hour.

    Eventually, you will be able to run for an hour. You should be pretty good to go then.

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