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my girlfriend lied to me about her ex hitting her why would she do that?

and she mentions him alot. i love my girlfriend with all my heart. but i cant deal with her lieing to me. i mean when we have problems im going to talk it about because im not the type of guy to ignore her problems im here to listen because what kind of realationship would it be if i didnt. but we been together for about 7 months and i love her with all my heart. shes my world, she my love, shes the first person i think about when i wake up. shes my everything. and shes my first love. i feel like a bad boyfriend. i do everything for her. i buy her stuff. take her to the movies. cancel some of my stuff sometimes just to hang out with her. but i dont know what to do at this point

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    She needs time alone to get her head clear and her feelings for her ex gone. Right now she could just be using you to try and push her old feelings away. If she cant be honest or whole souled in her relationship with you, you could be finding yourself in a world of pain. My first love was similar. Unfortunately its so difficult to listen to your brain when your crazy in love. But listen to your gut if things don't feel right they probly aren't.

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    She already has you by the balls if you're cancelling stuff for her. She's your first love, but she won't be your last. Make it clear that you won't take this lying **** in your relationship, and that if she keeps lying to you that you'll break up with her, and if she lies again, GROW A DAMN PAIR AND BREAK UP WITH HER. Obviously she still has feelings for her ex, otherwise she wouldn't be hiding that from you. Seriously dude, there are other girls out there that will appreciate someone like you.

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    Maybe she's still not over him, and i don't see the point of a relationship if both of y'all are not in love. Have you asked her if she loves you? does she say it back? If she's lying to you then there is not point of being in this relationship because it's a waste of time being with someone that's going to be lying to you. Talk to her and let her know what is bothering you. If she keeps on doing it then i guess it's time to move on

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    run ***** for your life

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