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helppppp i have the anti virus pro 2009 virus?

plz some one help iam using a mac with parallels n its only affecting parallels (thank god) but in parallels i cant open anythinggggg.

i tried downloading stuff to get rid of it which will defintely work but it wont let me open it. there has to be a way to get rid of this plz someone help me


i tried the Malwarebytes Anti Malware but the virus doesnt let me open it.....

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    Step 1

    You will need to access Vista's Task Manager system. To do this, simultaneously hit your Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys. A window will pop up with your task manager.

    Step 2

    You will need to click the tab for Processes. Scroll down and highlight the entry for av2009.exe - this is your infection. Select END PROCESS.

    Step 3

    Immediately go to your programs files with can typically be found on your C drive at C:\Program Files(this assumes you have Windows installed on your C drive. Idetify the Antivirus 2009 folder. It will have the name Antivirus 2009 or AV 2009 or AV09. Delete the entire folder, and be certain to empty your recycle bin.

    Step 4

    Now you will need to delete any shortcuts that have been installed on your computer. Do this be going to your desktop, selecting any Antivirus 2009 or false Windows Security Center icons and then empty your recycle bin.

    Step 5

    This process worked for me personally, after much trial and error. While AVG, SpyBot Search and Destroy and other viral protection systems were able to identify Antivirus 2009, they were not able to remove it. This simple method eradicated the threat and my computer has not had any slows, other infections, or unwanted popups since I removed it.

    Step 6

    The final step is to update any viral protection systems you use, and do regular checks of your computer to make sure it remains clean of Antivirus 2009. I was protected, and it still got through. This is a smart rogue, and it can often compromise your compute severely. If you have an infection and can't clear it, this may work if your infection is caught early on before your system is totally compromised or goes black screen. Any doubts, contact a professional.

    Step 7

    DISCLAIMER: author is just a self-taught computer geek, and knows what has worked for her. I take no responsibility for damage you do to your system trying to remove Antivirus 2009. All I can tell you is that this method worked well for me, with no harm to my Vista system.

    Hope it helps you. For more information

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    To remove anti virus pro 2009 Follow these instructions:

    Restart the computer

    Tap the F8 button repeatedly while it is booting

    Choose "Safe mode with networking"

    Go here and download this:

    Then install it, update it, and run a quick scan

    That should get it.

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    Try renaming the Malwarebytes file and then run it. Antivirus Pro 2009 maybe blocking the original file name.

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