What do you need in order to get a "Major" in something?

Its like if I want to get a major in electronics... Do I need some other type of education before I can go for a major???

And What are Majors, Associates, PhD's, And All that?????????????

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    Major is the field of study you focus on in college. To get a degree you take a sequence of required and elective courses. Generally around a third of your overall classes will be from your major. When you finish enough classes you get your degree.

    Associates is a degree you get after 2 years of study, Bachelors Degree after 4 years, Masters degree after 6 years and a PhD after about 8 years of overall study. Degrees tell employers you have a level of expertise in a given field of study.

    To get into college you generally just need to have a high school diploma and some decent grades at least.

    Electronics isn't a major though. Try Electrical or Computer Engineering or Computer Science and Information Technology.

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    When you go to college you pick a major, which is your general course of study, If you major in electronics, they'll put you in all the classes you'll need to take to get a degree in electronics. Then you pick a minor- in case you go through a little of college and decide you want to do something else, or if you'd like to just take some classes in something else youre interested in, you minor in that subject. If your minor was English, theyd put you in some extra English classes in case you wanted to go into that, later in life. A PhD is a doctors degree. And then you have Associates Degrees, which are what you get after usually about 2 years of college, and then you can either go to work or stay in college to get your bachelors degree, which is usually 4 years, and more credits.

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    associates: 2 years of study in electronics (in comunity college or university)

    Batchlors degree: 4 years (in university)

    PHD, Doctors degree is the highest i think (i think) thats what doctors have)

    note, having a phd and being called a doctor doesnt mean you are literally a doctor it means you have a phd, so you can be a Dr. in electronics

    if you want to major in electronics you start of at a community college or university, take general classes and some electronics classes for 2 years and receive an assosiates degree witch lets you get a job (not the best job but good enought to get you going

    then continue 2 more years at a university taking more electronic classes and more core classes like higher math and stuff, and get a batchlors

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