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What does this mean? Help!?

About a month ago my boyfriend of five months broke up with me, and told me that he would very much like to still be friends, I was upset but I loved him and said that I just want him to be happy, and that we would see how things would work out. I also made the mistake of sleeping with him a few days after he broke up with me because I still wanted that emotional/physical connection. After that I wanted for us to keep communicating because I was still emotionally needy, and he told me that he would be ready to talk in a month, after I got back to new york from my stay with my parents. This was after we kept communicating and I kept getting mad at him, and he told me he needed a break from talking to me but if it was ok, we would talk in a month, and that he still cared for me and wanted to be friends. So it has been a month and he did not contact me so I asked him if he wanted to talk and be friends and he said, "I'm not ready to talk yet..." via text. What does this mean?

I would love to hear your opinion on this, whether or not that means he doesn't want to talk to me ever. And I should stop trying to contact him and give up all hope of being friends (at first I was hesitant but now I know that I do want that). Or does that mean there is still hope? I can't figure out this guy-speak. Helpl!


I replied to his text with "Ok, i understand tho does that mean that you just want some time before we can rock out at concerts trade music and joke about Hipster art and life and you know, be normal friends or you mean that you resent me and don't really want to do any of that stuff anyway ever? Im kiddin a bit but which do you mean?"

I'm afraid I said too much already, like I'm pushing it or something, should I text him again and say, "sorry, I respect your need for space" or say nothing at all, and just leave it? which would be better and nicer to do?

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    I think he still needs time to figure things out. If and when he is ready to talk to you he will call or text. I have 3 brothers and a boyfriend of over 4 years and guys just do crazy things. I know from personal experience that your breakup very well may have been brought on by other stresses in his life (school, work, money).

    You can not force someone to be your friend or to talk to you. If you push to hard and bug him everyday, he very well may never want to be friends because he thinks you are being to needy.

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    Stop trying to contact him, he already told you that he's not ready to talk yet.

    When he's ready he'll get at you, but for now let him be.

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