Does this sound obnoxious?

I thought about writing this story about this character named Adonis in like 2008 and right now im starting to write it down. But for my author name i have my first name is Adonis.....I guess my question is do i sound obnoxious because I have the same name as my character. I just really like that name. A friend i knew in summer camp had it and i thought it was awesome because it's in greek mythology and i looove greek mythology. my sister thinks its obnoxious. so any answers?


I know what the name means and trust i don't fit the description, i could actually careless. Its just for some reason the name clicks to me and it works on my blog too. thats all. I mean one time i pictured myself being famous for my book and i was having an interview and somebody asks if i was being obnoxious. I just tell them no, the story has nothing to do with me, i just love the name. But when i write my stories i do picture myself as the character.

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  • Julie
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    1 decade ago
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    it seems a bit concieded as Adonis means perfection (or something like that...)

    try Persaus, Jaurus, or Hephates. Those are some of my favorite greek mythology names... and I love greek mythology! So much!

    but if you want Adonis then its your choice, not your sisters or mine

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Um, I have to ask. Do you know who Adonis is? I don't think it's a very good idea for the author to have the same name as the protagonist, unless of course you want to imply that the story is based on you. I don't think it comes off as obnoxious, though it might come off as though you think you're a glistening, muscular man-god if Adonis is not your real name. Lol.

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