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Paypal rejects my debit card...?

I have some money in my Paypal account and would like to actually be able to take this out and put it into my bank account. Paypal said I would need to verify two small amounts that would be deposited into my account. The were NEVER deposited. I cannot verify a nonexistant amount. This was about three weeks ago. I've spoken to my bank about this and they verifies the information I put into Paypal as correct and said it must be an error on Paypal's behalf. Paypal will not let me use my bank account to withdraw anymore since I didn't verify the amount (which was never put in to begin with) and is forcing me to fax them identification as well as the amount. This is impossible as no amount ever existed... I don't want to open another bank account, this is ridiculous. Is there anything I can do? I've used this debit card elsewhere online and have never encountered any problems before.


More details: I live in America and my card is a Visa.

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    you are talking about two different things'

    one is to use your bank account you have to tell paypal the routing number and your account number then they will deposit two small amount into the account

    now if you are using a debit card they do this two way one way they try to verify the card matched the address on file -with the card company if that

    is correct its confirmed that if not then they charge the card I(like a $1.00 or something what they call expended use)

    then you wait to see the transactions online you will see the paypal

    charge plus a random 4 digit number next to the paypal charge

    then you tell paypal that 4 digit number

    now I'm assuming this debit card is form your bank and not

    a VIISA gift card if its then

    have you check your online tranactions with the bank?

    did you verify your debit card with paypal?

    thas another way once that verify

    then YOU hahve to transfer the money from paypal to

    your debit card (or bank account) paypal will not do automaticllay)

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    paypal doesnt different than debt except its conjoined with a visa, my debt card it 0.5 visa 0.5 debt so while it rates me, it comes out of my debt, if that is so, get yet another card, if no longer bypass type it out with the economic employer sturdy success and desire this helps:P -adam

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