Why doesn't the 1993 honda del sol have a front bumper reinforcement bar?

All I've seen for front bumper reinforcement bars are 1994-97 models. So what's different on the '93 model?

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    1 decade ago
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    I don't know a whole lot about del sol's but I can tell you that civic run 92-95 and 96-00 as far as the generations go..... I also know you can fit a 96-00 front on a del sol...... since its under the bumper I don't know why you couldn't put a 94 bumper reinforcement bar on.... after all it is under the bumper and shouldn't have a problem fitting.... I would buy one from a 92-95 civic and just put it on.... thats the great thing about civics and why they get stolen so often. All the parts are interchangeable. I;m confident on this one

    Source(s): I built a 00 honda civic si by hand
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