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plasma or lcd 720 or 1080?

I will be shopping for new tv soon and was looking at the two. so 720 or 1080 can i go to big?

what has a better life over the years? also what brand? I do think I will hang in the 50 to 55 inch range.

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    Plasma is better for stronger contrasts and blacker blacks whereas lcd's can sometimes appear brighter and you don't always get true black. I would go for plasma personally, especially if you're thinking of going for a 50/55" screen. However if you are thinking of having it tilted on a wall you will need to go for lcd as you cannot tilt plasma. You will also get some relections in plasma so you can't really put it opposite a window.

    As for 720 or 1080p it depends on what source you're putting into it really. Currently the only 1080p source available is Blu-ray/ps3 with blu-ray built in and some upscaling dvd players which will almost get to 1080p. If you're not planning on using any of those sources you may as well go for 720p unless you may invest in them in the future. You do pay more for 1080p so it is a bit pointless unless you're going to utilize this.

    Hope that helps :)

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    Most consumer and guru HDTV guides a like will tell you that you need to start worrying about 1080p once you hit 40", but more so as you break 50". So clearly with your intended purchase size, you should be looking into 1080p sets.

    The only way I'd recommend 720p in such a large TV is if you were sitting super far away from the TV. If you were say 14+ feet away, then 720p might be okay, as you might be too far to notice the 1080p advantages. But I think 50" can serve 10-12 feet 1080p fairly respectably and will be in the sweet zone in the 8-10 feet kind of distance.

    LCDs have motion playback problems. They suffer from motion blur (ghost trails). The bigger the TV the more noticeable. You can compensate for this with 120Hz or 240Hz sets. That feature does help, but its not 100%. Plasma on the other hand has a near instantaneous refresh rate (like CRT/tube or DLP). It plays back motion flawlessly. The 600Hz sub-field motion drive you see for it is more marketing than anything else. The technology is different for motion playback.

    LCDs have muted colors, grey blacks, and lackluster contrast. Manufacturers have tried to deal with this by introducing the LED LCD. This feature actually does work incredibly well at getting LCD to almost Plasma levels. But the main caveat is you pay a HUGE price premium for this feature right now. Plasma on the other hand offers vivid colors, true blacks, and deep contrast right out of the box, nothing extra to pay for.

    Plasma will give you a better viewing experience. Be careful of listening to all the myths out there about it. People say it still has burn in problems, rubbish. People say it has a short life span, rubbish. People say its an energy hog, depends on the model (some LCDs are terrible in their energy consumption, you have to look at the specific model). There are energy star certified plasmas now.

    For Plasma brands start with Panasonic Viera. That is your go to brand right now. You will get the best Plasma bang for the dollar and well quality from them. At 50" - 54", look at the S, G, or V series. Any of those would serve you really well.

    Alternatively you could look to Samsung as well to provide your Plasma needs. But they are far better known for their LCD manfacturing. They do make a decent Plasma, but I don't think its quite as strong as the Panasonic.

    Oh and with a new Plasma, do condition it. For the first 20-50 hours, no video games. For the first 100-200 hours crank the brightness and contrast (picture) settings way down. After that point, then do the optimization of the set and enjoy.

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    If you are shopping for a 50 to 55, definitely don't go with a 720, get a 1080. 1080P is the highest resolution. Good brands are LG, Samsung, Sony and Sharp. But if you are on a budget, even Vizios are good.

    Plasma are on the way out. Which explains why they are much cheaper nowadays. That does not mean they are inferior on video quality, but LCDs are brighter on the showroom.

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    Well if you want better display you would go with 1080i (its the highest you can get so far). But if you werent craving the highest display possible 720 is still a great picture quality.

    You can go to big.. But its depending on the space you have available for the tv and budget.

    As for tv life span, this is wht the market is for plasmas::

    Panasonic:States in new specifications that new plasma TVs and monitors are good to 60,000 to half life.

    Sony:Now out of the plasma market. Does not list a figure for LCD lineup.

    Samsung: Lists 60,000 hours for plasma lineup.

    Pioneer: States 60,000 hours of use in their 2008 models.

    Sharp LCD panels: States 60,000 hour life.

    So a simple answer would be anywhere from 12 to 55 years. It all depends on the amount of hours you use it per day.

    As for LCD's. Its about the same, but they CAN last upwards of 80,00 hours if maintained in certain conditions.

    From what I've seen and expirienced, Vizio and Sharp are the best you can get in today's market for value and quality. (I have a Sharp). Ive had it for almost a year now and i love it.

    A final tip of advice.. If you will be playing video games on the tv on a regualr basis or someone in your house will, i would highly suggest an LCD tv. Because a big problem with playing games on a plasma tv is that over time the images and HUD displays in the game get burned into the screen.. I've seen it before.

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    Go with 1080i plasma. There are no more burn in issues with plasma, due to newer technologies with pixel shift. Plasma is very good with fast moving objects, which can cause a 'blur' on an LCD.. Plasma has a very good viewing angle also, like 170 degrees, and good sharpness and brightness. Cable channels and most stations broadcast in 1080i, but if you want to splurge, go for 1080p, which you can use on PS3 or a Blu Ray player..

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    For 50-55 inch you should go with 1080p

    If you have bright room and play game I would suggest get LCD.It does not have burn-in problem less problem and last longer.Samsung or Sony are brand that I would recommend.

    but if you have dark room,plasma will give you better picture,deeper black ,smoother motion and plasma have good price.Panasonic is a great brand to get.It have improve in panel service life to over 60,000 hours have minimized the risk of image retention. In addition, screen savers, pixel shifting, and brightness level adjustments can dramatically reduce any chance of image retention.

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    1080p panasonic plasma. You will not go wrong with this set.

    Source(s): Have one. Also have 1080p LCD, good but not as good as plasma.
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